wned it and apologized for it.

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So farewell then Myles Garrett Youth Jersey , Mr Chelsea. Because we hate you, we will miss you.

We will miss you briefly, but hate you forever.

How we fans love to loathe John Terry and yet how thoroughly he deserves it.

Terry mused with a straight face on Monday about his ""legacy"" after announcing no ""fairy-tale"" ending to his Chelsea career.

Well, let me help out Terry on his legacy: ""Racist Chelsea and England captain who had sex with his teammate's girlfriend"" is pretty much how the world will fondly recall JT.

Personally I won't as I doubt he's a racist.

Of all Terry's failings, deploying the loaded word ""black"" as an adjective in a heated exchange of on-field insults was wrong and racist, yes, but hey, it was also human and fallible.

We all say things we regret.

Such an outburst was entirely forgivable if only Terry admitted to it, owned it and apologized for it.

But JT's not like that.

He is more like that right-wing uncle at the family dinner table who pokes the vegetarian with a turkey wishbone. When he gets caught, ""I didn't know she was a vegan"" is the kind of reply you get, in a tone of hurt innocence.

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