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And Marin was convicted on money laundering conspiracy charges, but acquitted of tera gold one charge of money laundering conspiracy.Jurors remained undecided about the single racketeering charge against Manuel Burga, the former president of Peru's soccer federation.U.S. District Judge Pamela Chen immediately jailed.

Marin, 85, and Napout, 59, after prosecutors argued that they had the connections and the wealth to flee the U.S. to avoid prison terms she said could be more than 10 years on the racketeering charge alone.Afterward, their lawyers said they were disappointed by the verdict."We're going to continue fighting to absolve Mr.

Napout," said defense attorney Silvia Pinera.Burga, 60, remained free on bail and was to return to court on Tuesday for further jury deliberations. His lawyer, Bruce Udolf, said his client was hopeful that the jury would clear him.World soccer's governing body said it is will seek compensation and a share of the cash.FIFA said in a statement to The Associated Press that "as the jury has found a number of defendants guilty of the charged crimes.

FIFA will now take all necessary steps to seek restitution and recover any losses caused by their misconduct."Marin, Burga and Napout had been arrested in 2015. Prosecutors accused them of agreeing to take millions of dollars in bribes from businessmen seeking to lock up lucrative media rights or influence hosting rights for the World Cup and other major tournaments controlled by FIFA.

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