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BUENOS AIRES air max tn rojas , Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- Wrestling has been included in the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games in a secret ballot by the International Olympic Committee on Sunday.

Wrestling won back its spot in the Olympic program after beating bids from squash and baseballsoftball, garnering 49 votes out of 95.

Wrestling, which featured in the ancient Olympics and in every modern Games apart from 1900, had been surprisingly taken off the Games in February.

Baseballsoftball, not on the program since 2008, got 24 votes air max tn negras , while squash, which has never featured in the Olympics, had 22.

Earlier in the day, the IOC approved the 25 core sports at Summer Games with a 77-16 majority.

""Thank you for this opportunity of saving our sport,"" wrestling federation FILA president Nenad Lalovic told the IOC.

""This is the most important day in our 3,000-year history. Remaining in the Olympics is crucial for wrestling's survival.""

FILA has made extraordinary progress since being provisionally dropped by the IOC air max 97 hombre , changing its leadership, making the management more democratic and transparent and revising competition rules.

""We made mistakes and admitted to them,"" Lalovic said while answering the questions from IOC members after the 20-minute presentation.


BEIJING, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- From dirty laundry to tainted wells - strain on China's water resources is being felt nationwide after years of industrialization have left the country high and dry.

Farmer Jiang Delan was living a quiet life near Bengbu city in Anhui Province until an industrial park near the Sanpudagou river tainted her village's water source.

"Now the fish from the river are inedible, it stinks when cooked," Jiang said.

"The water quality has got worse since the establishment of the industrial park. It makes the air smell and the water in our well taste weird air max 97 gold comprar ," Jiang said.

While her village once relied on income from growing rice, their crops are now rejected at the local market because they taste bad.

"It does not surprise me. How could the rice taste good if it is irrigated by such polluted water?" Jiang said. "Now we only grow crops that depend less on water."

Her village is not the only one facing crisis. Water shortages and contamination problems have become widespread in recent years as industrialization and urbanization take their toll.


Sanxianhu township in Hunan province, named after the once pristine Sanxianhu lake, used to be famous for its abundant and clear waters.

But its quality began slipping toward the end of the 1970s, when industrial and agricultural wastewater were discharged directly into the lake. "Sometimes the water is black, it's impossible to drink air max 97 silver comprar ," local resident Li Qinglan said.

Around 1980, local residents dug a well to access clean water, but other problems arose.

"At that time, girls liked to wear white dresses. But the dresses turned yellow after being washed by the tap water. White clothes soon became a rare sight in our town," Li said.

Several years later, experts discovered excessive iron and manganese content was to blame for the dirty laundry.

"The iron content in the water is 84 times higher than the national standard air max 97 silver bullet baratas , and manganese is 25 times higher," said Zhao Yong, deputy head of the water administrative station of Sanxianhu township.

In 2008, the provincial financial department funded a water processing plant to filter the iron and manganese from the well water, but the content was still too high, making the process slow and ineffective.

As a result air max 97 rojas , the villagers created their own filters by placing buckets filled with sand and cloth under their taps. "Everyone in the village now has one," Li said.

The bad water has led many of the younger generation to abandon the village to seek a higher quality life elsewhere. A new water factory is under construction and is expected to improve the water quality and increase supply, but many worry it's too late.

"White clothes have already become a part of history for Sanxianhu. I'm afraid that youngsters will also become history," said Zhou Can, the head of a local community.

Nationwide, 27.2 percent of river water and 67.8 percent of lake water is undrinkable nike air max 97 verde , according to the Ministry of Water Resources.

In 2014, the ministry monitored 2,071 wells from 17 provincial regions in the northern part of the country. They found underground water quality is below par as well. Quality underground water was found in just 15.2 percent of tested areas. Low and bad quality water made up 48.9 percent and 35.9 percent respectively.


Faced with the biggest water crisis, northern Hebei province has one seventh the national average of per capita water resources, with just 307 cubic meters.

"The province has 6 billion cubic meters of overexploited underground water out of the country's total 17 billion cubic meters," said Qi Bingqiang air max 97 azules , an official with the water resources ministry.

In 2006, an eight-kilometer-long sinkhole suddenly appeared in Baixiang county of Hebei Province in 2006. Experts linked the sudden land collapse to drought and decreasing underground water levels.

"The gap grew wider and wider, with the widest spot about one meter. You could hardly see the bottom of it, " said a village named Zhai Jingli in Zhailixi village.

Cracks not only showed on the ground, but also in homes. Out of total420 houses in the village, more than 20 showed cracked walls due to shifting foundations.

Cracks formed on the ceilings air max 97 negras , walls and floor throughout villager Lu Haisu's house.

"We rebuilt the house twice after it started to crack in 2006, but the cracks kept showing up again after the reconstruction," the 54-year-old said. "I can hear the wall cracking at night when I'm sleeping."

Water shortages also plague the nearby capital Beijing. Its average an. Cheap Warriors Jerseys Cheap Suns Jerseys Cheap Spurs Jerseys Cheap Kings Jerseys Cheap Toronto Raptors Jerseys Cheap New Orleans Pelicans Jerseys Wholesale Magic Jerseys Wholesale Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys Wholesale New York Knicks Jerseys Wholesale Utah Jazz Jerseys

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