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BERLIN Spencer Ware Chiefs Jersey , Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -- No doubt, Pep Guardiola is a man with dreams. The most important one is the one about perfect football. At Bayern Munich he seems to be right on target to fulfill his dream.

Some see a second paradise like at Barcelona growing. The Bavarians are ruling the German Bundesliga and can't, providing they win against AS Roma, be overhauled at the top of Group E. So why should Guardiola leave?

Ahead of Bayern's fourth Champions League group match this Wednesday night against Italian side AS Roma, rumors are circulating that the 43-year-old Spaniard could indeed leave soon after his contract runs out in 2016. The reason could be that he wants to fulfill another of his dreams, namely that of working England's Premier League and looking for perfection again.

Impossible? Who honestly could have imagined him wanting to leave Barcelona (2008 - 2011) ever? He did and took a sabbatical in New York where he made coffee and had an afternoon chat with visitors from Munich that convinced him to return in summer 2013 to the training ground.

For reason: Guardiola is known worldwide as a class act, a football magician and more. Bayern Munich's CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge loves to chat with him not only about football, but the fundamental meaning of life.

Guardiola is in the comfortable position of being able to choose and is independent, as a coach and a human being. For some his future is an open race. Is it Manchester City, where old Barcelona mate Txiki Begiristain is in charge as director of football with endless financial possibilities? Or Arsenal, who is looking for a successor strong enough to follow such a monumental character as Arsene Wenger (contract until 2017)? There is more to come: Maybe Chelsea, which one day could be bored of Jose Mourinho (2017)? Or Manchester United as Dutchman Louis van Gaal's start is everything but brilliant? Or again Barcelona?

Well for the time being it is Bayern. And one can be sure the Germans won't give up their dream. In January 2015, the man who had the coffee with Guardiola in New York will be back - Uli Hoeness, former manager and president, the most powerful, charismatic and influential of all of Bayern's leaders. Currently he is in jail due to tax difficulties. Some regard him as Guardiola's soul mate in Munich. And it is no secret that Bayern will do everything to extend Guardiola's contract longer than 2016 as they feel there is only one man on earth that can deal with a team full of stars and superstars.

Guardiola's garden in Munich is blossoming and already showing first signs of a colorful blooms. Guardiola admires the attitude of his Munich club as expressed by its Director of Football Matthias Sammer who said: "We will do everything to be number one."

That includes a war of words with Bundesliga opponent Borussia Dortmund in the struggle to sign star-striker Marco Reus, who is on the list of many clubs. Manchester City this week handed in a gigantic offer for him. Real or Barcelona are possible too.

What speaks for Munich, what speaks for others, besides Guardiola's Premier-League dreams? Bayern is a healthy club, maybe worldwide the most healthy of all. Around Guardiola he has an experienced staff. And the story of Guardiola and Bayern does not appear to be finished yet. In Barcelona, Guardiola won everything which led him to the question: What comes next? He chose a break for his head, soul and family.

Leaving Munich would mean having to start all over again. At present Guardiola is having a ball watching Mario Goetze's development, is happy about the best ever Arjen Robben and a genius like Franck Ribery plus multi-tasking Thomas Mueller and forward Robert Lewandowski, a machine like midfielder in Alonso and Philipp Lahm who acts on a similar high level alongside vivid David Alaba.

Bastian Schweinsteiger is about to return to regular duty. Bayern has conceded three goals in the Bundesliga in 10 games, one in three Champions League games, meaning tactics with a back-row of three (or four) work well. If they beat Roma, Bayern would be the first German team ever to win their group so early.

No reason to leave for Guardiola? Besides the charisma of England's league, presumably the best league of the world next to the German Bundesliga and the Spanish Primera Division and the economic power of the English top clubs. But there seems to be an even more powerful strength - Guardiola's dream about perfect football. Maybe the decisive question of all is the one, when has Guardiola the feeling of being at the top with Bayern and, when will he decide what comes next? That could well take some years.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R) shakes hands with visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin after a joint press conference in Ankara Sept. 28, 2017. (XinhuaMustafa Kaya)

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