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When you have made it back to the other side of the mines, search the barrels runescape gold till you find Ana in a barrel. You will automatically pick it up. Place it on the Winch bucket. Let the nearby Guard help you when he offers. Ana will start complaining but you have to cover for her. Pick the statements that will compliment the Guard.
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Early one weekend morning in January 2014, Janet was sleeping fitfully in her parents' home in Toronto. A junior studying elementary education at a nearby college, she had gone home for the weekend in a state of nervous collapse. For months, someone going by the name ''Obnoxious'' had been harassing her online. He had called her cellphone repeatedly and sent her threatening texts. Worst of all, he had threatened to ''swat'' her at school to make a false emergency call to the police and lure a SWAT team to her door.

Credit: JagexCredit: JagexPest Control is a combat minigame, where players have to protect a Void Knight from various attacking monsters, whilst at the same time closing four portals through which the monsters are invading. Once all four portals are closed, the game is won. There are three landers at the south of the Outpost island, a Novice boat, and Intermediate boat and a Veteran boat. Novice requires a minimum combat level of 40, Intermediate 70 and Veteran 100. Harder boats mean harder games.
A general rule is that try to be on a server where there are one or two more people in case you die. Ask them to repair your grave until you come back to get your stuff. This has happened to me once and was level 85. (I have dual screen and I wasn paying attention to my hit points. So I ended up with 6 hit points left before I noticed but then it was too late) Just don forget to pay attention to the demons or you might find yourself back in Lumberbridge.
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