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Ok I'll go聽straight to the point.

At present , the future of softball is looking pretty good. Softball has become one of the most popular sports for family and work functions, church groups, parent groups and many more organizations. What’s more, some of the main reasons for this are because it’s easy to play and it usually doesn’t require a lot of equipment to join in on the fun.

During these events you might feel it unnecessary to bring your own equipment. Usually a few players will bring a couple of bats and helmets for everyone to use and most of the time you can get by with this. Although, the better you want to become the more you’ll probably need to pick-up your own bat and other custom equipment. This is due to the needs of your specific body type.

To begin, choose a bat that is easy to control, but powerful enough (heavy) to produce a ball speed of at least 80-100 mph. How can you figure this out? The best way to check before you buy is to research online reviews for your particular bat model. Usually speed and weight ratings will be listed. Aluminum bats are good for control and power Cheap Sebastian Janikowski Jersey , but composite slowpitch softball bats cut down on vibrations if you accidentally don’t strike the ball in the “sweet spot”. What’s the sweet spot? No, it’s not that marvelous area that makes your woman moan with pleasure (that’s the G-spot). If you’re a woman and reading this I am sorry. Just to be fair, guys have a g-spot too. Anyway, the sweet spot is that area of the bat that we all aim for when trying to hit the ball. When you strike a ball here the bat creates less vibrations and sends nearly all its weight and energy into the oncoming ball.

Next, try to choose a bat that is long enough to produce a wide swing, but not so long that you cannot fully control. Usually, the longer the bat the further you can hit the ball. If you are tall with long arms you’ll probably want a bat about the length of your arms.

Third Broncos DaeSean Hamilton Jersey , weight is another important factor when choosing a composite softball bat. The larger you are the heavier you will probably want the bat. Obviously, the heavier the bat the further you can crank the ball, so if you are a burly muscle man it seems reasonable that you should be able to handle a ‘big boy’ bat. The upside to this, besides being able to crush the ball, is that your lady friends will now begin to tell you how strong your arms are looking due to that extra weight you’ve been throwing around. Ahhhhh. The joys of manhood. Again, if you are a woman I’m am sorry. You too can enjoy extra muscle. Some men like their women to have muscle like men in prison and Eskimos. A muscle woman can club a baby seal no problem and drag it back to camp.

A fourth component of choosing a composite bat is grip. This one is easy enough. The more grip you tape on your bat, the less vibrations you’ll feel when smacking the life out of that softball. However Bears James Daniels Jersey , choose too much and it might stop you from gripping the bat correctly, which will decrease the power of your strength upon the bat.

Lastly, one other factor to keep in mind when choosing a bat is barrel size. The larger the barrel size (mass) the more surface area you have to hit the ball. Although, a larger barrel also creates wind drag, so choose wisely. Imagine those old huge woofel ball bats we used to use when we were children. Remember these huge plastic bats? Not the little yellow ones. Those sucked. The big ones were cool because you could nearly hit the ball every time with no problem. Although, these bats could also be used for other things such as ores for canoes due to their massive surface areas, or medieval bludgeoning weapons for beating younger siblings. Anyway , you get the picture.

Well, there you have it. How to choose a composite slowpitch softball bat? I hope that question has been greatly simplified for you. Beside, if you are looking for the cheap slowpitch softball bats聽you can visit my blog in the link below. Thank you for your time.


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