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HANGZHOU Joao Moutinho Mundial Camisola , June 16 (Xinhua) -- Though the Chinese soccer team is again absent from the World Cup, Chinese products, from mascot Fuleco to official instrument the caxirola and hybrid buses, stand out.

"Since March, our factory has continuously received overseas orders. By the opening of the event, we had exported more than one million footballs," said Wu Xiaoming Cristiano Ronaldo Mundial Camisola , general manager of a sports products manufacturer in Yiwu City, in east China's Zhejiang Province. Many orders came from South American countries.

The World Cup has been great for Yiwu, the world's largest wholesale center for small commodities and accessories. "Our clients are mainly from Europe. Since April last year, we have sold nearly two million caxirolas," said Wu Xiaogang, manager of a company which produces the cheerful instrument. Compared to the vuvuzela at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the profit on each caxirola is more than double. It is estimated that around 90 percent of caxirolas worldwide are produced in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces.

"Because of the World Cup Jose Fonte Mundial Camisola , the sale of commodities to soccer fans has increased by nearly 30 percent and are mostly wholesaled overseas," said Cheng Li, a dealer in Yiwu. Brazilian buyers are Cheng's main clients.

In the first five months, Yiwu's total exports to Brazil totalled 160 million U.S. dollars, up 31.4 percent year-on-year. Exports of sports commodities to Brazil were 2.78 million dollars, up 42 percent from the same period last year.

The soccer spectacular is a platform for Chinese products to display their strong competitiveness, more added value Raphael Guerreiro Mundial Camisola , higher quality and innovations.

Kayford Holdings Ltd, is the only licensee outside Brazil for plush mascot and 3D figurines.

"We have the final say on the pricing of the 3D figurines," said Li Hong, president of Hangzhou Landward, the parent company. The company has designed nearly 100 types of commodities in five categories for the mascot series.

"Made-in-China" has become "China marketing" as the company can freely select suppliers and distributors, said Li.

The company has sold more than one million of its mascot products to 39 countries, said Huang Kunlun Fabio Coentrao Mundial Camisola , chief sales manager.

"What we feel most proud of is that no quality complaints have been received," he said. "'Made-in-China' is no longer a synonym for low-end products of poor quality."

Other Chinese products are also shining at the World Cup.

Hybrid buses developed and produced by a subsidiary of China's leading railway car manufacturer CSR Corporation Ltd, ferry the public between the airport and downtown Curitiba, one of the host cities.

As the sole Chinese sponsor at the soccer extravaganza, China's major solar energy company Yingli Green Energy has provided 27 sets of photovoltaic systems for lighting devices in all the hosting cities.

by Jon Day

Tokyo, Dec. 17 (Xinhua) -- The Japanese government on Tuesday adopted a new national security strategy and defense policy package spearheaded by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who claimed the latest in a number of defense-boosting measures was to better equip the nation to be a "proactive peacekeeper."

In a Cabinet meeting Tuesday a wholesale, revised defense program was approved Luis Neto Mundial Camisola , which also outlines a five year medium-term buildup of Japan's Self-Defense Forces' (SDF) personnel and hardware, as Abe and the United States take yet further strides to see the SDF potentially playing more active roles overseas.

To this end, the new strategy, as well as possibly revising Japan's weapons exports ban, which has been a constitutionally thorny issue, calls for a review of the longstanding Japan-U.S. defense accord, in a bid to bolster the two allies' defensive capabilities.

But while Abe in an earlier press conference Tuesday insisted that the medium-term and also the longer-term defense strategies have been designed with global peace and international transparency in mind Pepe Mundial Camisola , some analysts beg to differ.

Political pundits here have highlighted the fact that under the new guidelines, robust provisions will be made to integrate various units within the SDF, specifically Japan's Air, Ground and Maritime Self-Defense Forces, with an aim to improving the quality and quantity of the units and optimizing their mobility.

"The new strategy in the mid-term has earmarked a budget 230 billion U.S. dollars for the buildup of Japan's forces over the next five years, which is a massive hike in military spending for a country constitutionally committed to pacifism," political commentator and Shizuoka-based author Philip McNeil told Xinhua.

"The allocation covers a dedicated Bruno Alves Mundial Camisola , fast-response-amphibious unit, with more than 50 vessels capable of reaching islands off Okinawa with ease and at pace and the budget will also see Japan's navy up their number of destroyers and the air force its fighter jets. Can we still call these Self-Defense Forces? I think not. Army, Navy and Air force. The debate on this now is purely semantic," McNeil said.

He went on to say that Japan is also prepping itself to be able to take preemptive missile strikes against overseas bases, a diversion from the current policy which already uses next- generation missile technology and radars capable of shooting down ballistic missiles, were such an attack be launched against Japan.

"Japan is also looking to increase its surveillance drone fleet, add F-35 stealth fighters and a number of combat vehicles to its armory Rui Patricio Mundial Camisola , and according to Abe this is how 'proactive pacifism' translates. I fear, as well as alarming the citizens here ---- who elected Abe based on his dedication to fixing the economy and have found themselves with a pro-military, nationalist leader ---- Japan's neighbors will also be very, very concerned," he said.

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