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""Earlier today, President Hadi was in the first meeting with top military officials at the fourth Regional Military Command and the governors of four southern provinces of Aden, Lahj Suso Copa Mundial Camiseta , Abyan, Al-Dhalea,"" a government official in Aden said on condition of anonymity.

Observers said Hadi's statement puts pressures on the Houthi group and the ongoing negotiation of political factions which is still in deadlock, and may facilitate the efforts of the United Nations to find a solution to salvage the political process in Yemen.


Observers said the statement of Hadi meant he has already resumed his duties and that his return is the only guarantee for salvation of the political process and ending the deadlock.

""During the meeting Pepe Reina Copa Mundial Camiseta , Hadi confirmed that he is continuing to carry out his duties as the legitimate president and reassured his commitment to the political process-based on the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative as the main reference,"" the source in Aden said, adding that Hadi also urged all state institutions in Aden and other provinces to comply with the constitutional legitimacy.

Abdul Salam Muhammad, head of ABAAD studies and research center Nolito Copa Mundial Camiseta , said Hadi's return was the right move on the right time after Houthi militants failed to form a government or reach a deal with other factions to address the power vacuum following the resignations of Hadi and the cabinet.

""Hadi is still the consensual leader and his status makes him able to straighten the situation out whatever it happens,"" Muhammad said.

Anis Mansour, a political analyst and writer based in Aden, said local factions Isco Copa Mundial Camiseta , the public and the international community stand by the legitimacy of Hadi and that's why his return will guarantee there will be neither external isolation on Yemen nor internal complications.

""The situation in Yemen has become worrying due to persistent power vacuum and deadlock coinciding with growing concerns by the West over potential al-Qaida threats. All reasons have combined for Hadi to be the man who can handle Yemen's dilemma,"" Mansour said.


Hadi's release came a day after the UN envoy to Yemen, Jamal Benomar, said Yemeni factions made a breakthrough on the political crisis and almost a week after a UN resolution called on Houthi militants to release Hadi David Silva Copa Mundial Camiseta , cede power and evacuate from public buildings in two weeks and join talks without conditions.

The breakthrough was a preliminary agreement on the shape of legislative power through keeping the parliament valid and forming the transitional body.

The parliament and the transitional body will merge to form the national council which will be the legislative power during the transition period.

In January, Hadi and the cabinet submitted resignations after the Houthi group tightened their grip on power through seizing the presidential compound and brigades.

The parliament failed to convene to approve or reject Hadi's resignation.

In his statement released on Saturday, Hadi condemned the Houthi group, saying all decisions and appointments at military and non-military institutions which have been made since Sept. 21 Marco Asensio Copa Mundial Camiseta , 2014, are illegal and invalid, and urged to end house arrest of the prime minister and all statesmen.

Moreover, he called on the international community to back the political process and urged Yemeni authorities to adhere only to the constitutional legitimacy.

Ghamdan Al-Yosifi Rodrigo Copa Mundial Camiseta , a political writer and analyst, said Hadi's return can be considered an immediate solution to the current crisis.

Al-Yosifi said Hadi has already restored his legitimacy and that in turn will put further pressure on Houthi militants who have been facing the public angry over their unilateral move and urged by the UN to cede power and act in harmony with other factions.

""There could be some complications, like a political battle between Hadi and Houthis, but Houthis will not stand for long before Hadi who is backed by all and for another reason which is focus of the international community on war on terror Jordi Alba Copa Mundial Camiseta ,"" he added.


BRASILIA, June 20 (Xinhua) -- Tickets for the Olympic Games 2016, to be held in Rio de Janeiro in August, went on sale at box offices in shopping centers in the host city on Monday.

Prior to Monday, tickets had only been sold online via the sporting event's official website, according to national daily O Globo.

The first two ticket booths have been set up in the Leblon Shopping Center in the south and the Via Parque Shopping Center in the west, according to the daily.

These box offices work both for selling tickets and also for cancelling tickets bought online.

However, tickets bought at these fixed ticket booths will not have the same artwork as the tickets that are bought online. The design of the online tickets vary depending on the sport and are more commemorative than the ones bought at the fixed ticket stands.

In total, there will be 30 box offices set up around Rio de Janeiro and five other cities where the soccer matches will be played - Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brasilia and Manaus, according to O Globo.

The opening details of the other ticket booths will be announced at a later date by the Rio 2016 Committee, said the article.

At these outlets, Brazilians and foreigners over 18-years-old can buy up to 120 tickets. Purchases can be made using cash or a Visa debit or credit card.

These ticket offices will be open until the end of the Paralympic Games in September, according to Brazilian online news site UOL.

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