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With a successful business equipped with bright minds and brilliant ideas from individuals who graduated from top notched schools plus leaders who have been in the industry for years nike air force 1 low sale , the Philippine Economy will surely be very progressive. That is the ideal setting, but unfortunately, this is not the reality. There are so many out-of-school youths you will often see on the streets, hanging out with their friends, instead of staying in school nike air force 1 low shoes , studying and preparing for their future. Some are lucky enough to be given chance to finish their studies, but unfortunately they only end up in the list of thousands of unemployed graduates.
In the Philippines, since some businessmen don鈥檛 have enough money to pay for the benefits of their manpower, they are hiring seasonal workers for five months only. After five months, the service will be terminated and the worker will be looking for a new company wherein they can work for another five months. This has been the trend of the business because they want to get rid of paying for the benefits of the employee. However nike air force 1 low , it is indicated on the Labor Code that once an employee renders six months service, he should be automatically treated as a permanent employee and he should have the luxury to enjoy mandatory incentives like 13th month pay, bonuses, paid leaves, allowances and among others.
Currently Women's Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low Pink Outlet , outsourcing has been the answer for most businessmen in addressing their problems with regard to manpower without spending too much money. They temporarily hire individuals and end their contracts after five months. The Philippine Economy is sometimes the reason why seasonal workers could not enjoy the privileges of being regular workers. Regular employees enjoyed paid leaves, health benefits and annual bonuses so they are lucky enough unlike those seasonal workers who do not get anything when their contracts get terminated.
Though regular employees enjoy benefits, it doesn鈥檛 mean that they are being given reasonable compensation. The salary of these workers is sometimes not enough to cover their daily expenses. For example, a father of five, who earns minimum daily wage Women's Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low White Online , has to send his three children to school, buy milk for the baby, food for the family, pay for the rent and utility bills and spend money for his allowance when going to work. Apparently, his minimum wage is not enough for his daily expenses. This is the current status of the employment system in the Philippines.
Philippine Economy may be improved once foreign investors outsource services in the Philippines. Filipinos are very hard working and talented. Their skills are above average as compared to other Asian countries. Education is cheaper that is why most Filipinos are well-educated and well-versed using the English language so there wouldn鈥檛 be any hindrance between the foreign employer and the staff. Working relationships would be seamless and the company will be progressive since it will be able to save on labor costs. The country can still recover from its present status Discount Men's Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low Grey , if only every Filipino will cooperate in solving it. This is the reason why most Filipinos opt to work abroad and eventually help the country through their remittances. The local compensation is really not enough to feed a family and to send their children to school. This is one sad reality that the government has to address immediately and to focus on to be able to pull up the economy.

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it jobs in philippines

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