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Major League SoccerPitching for Even More Popularity in 2013

This year is the 45thanniversary of the North American Soccer League (NASL) Authentic Jack Eichel Jersey , the firstwidely-recognised association football league in North America and theprecursor of today聮s MLS. Back in the late 1960s, the NASL couldn聮t even holdonto a midweek daytime broadcast contract with CBS due to poor viewing figures,and even well-known teams were forced to play in run-down arenas unfit fortheir peers in baseball and American football. Fast forward to the present dayhowever and soccer in the United States is almost unrecognisable.

Since the MLS was formed 17 years ago, the bosseshave repeated some of the same old tricks but avoided the mistakes of the past.For example, legends Pele and Beckenbauer brought notoriety to the NASL聮s NewYork Cosmos back in the mid-70s. For a second it seemed that this flash ofinterest might last, but by the 80s interest had dried up and the NASL folded.30 years later David Beckham and Thierry Henry signed big contracts to play outtheir careers in the states, but they also helped to encourage home-growntalent and raise the league聮s profile abroad. Beckham may now have moved toFrance but his legacy and ties to MLS remain strong.

One clear result of this is the standard ofplaying 49ers Tarvarius Moore Jersey , which has dramatically improved. They no longer have to rely onimported European legends in the twilight of their careers, with establishednames like Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard enjoying great careers in the Englishpremier league while Landon Donovan聮s star shines at home for LA Galaxy.Although MLS is unlikely to ever reach the heights of La Liga or Serie A, thefact is that soccer has been hugely popular with under-18s for many years now.Rather than watching these young players switch to a higher-paid sport or moveabroad for better prospects there is now a career path on their own doorstep.

Choosing soccer is still not a good choicefor young sportsmen who want to make millions. Beckham and Henry aside, mostMLS teams can聮t compete with the salaries offered by European clubs. However,with so much competition overseas and the delicate economic situation at homewe will no doubt see young, talented athletes choosing soccer, happy to have ajob at all. Also there has been a surge in the number of teams; there are now19 in the league with a 20thexpected soon. If this carries on , they may have to introduce the divisionsystem with promotion and relegation, which will already be familiar to soccerfans outside the US.

The big coup is the fan reaction, and interms of spectators MLS is making serious waves. Amazingly, it has overtakenthe NHL in terms of average crowd per game with 18,733 to 17,455 for the2012 season. TV ratings aren聮t quite what they should be, with a slightreduction over the 2011 season Authentic Justin Jones Jersey , but the broadcast deals are still in place andbeing renewed for seven-figure sums. It聮s even evident from the sports bettingsites that have seen a steady increase in MLS betting over the past 5 years.

Prop betting in particular has enjoyed aboost. To understandwhat prop betting is, consider any other element in a game of soccer onwhich you could place a bet, apart from the final score or the handicap; whowill score first, how much a particular player will score, assists, shots ongoal, or even how many minutes of extra time are awarded. This type of gamblingworks well with soccer and has long had been a mainstay in Europe Authentic Bryce Petty Jersey , but untilrecently has held niche appeal for bettors in the US.

Soccer has carved out an identity in acountry where not many people believed it ever would. It started as a jokesport for girls, but has matured into something the Americans can takeseriously; in turn, their league is finally starting to be taken seriously inthe footballing motherlands. If the MLS can hold onto its loyal following andkeep numbers steady still the 25th anniversary then we might startto get used to it as the fifth pillar of American sports. If they keep rising,and the right people start to get involved, then we might even see a USnational team in a World Cup final during our lifetime. The flying pigs mighteven sing The Star-Spangled Banner.聽

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– Howard Fendrich reporting from Washington
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