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SYDNEY, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- One of Australia's largest banks, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) said they will pay out over 23 million dollars to customers who received poor financial advice.

The payout will see 1,800 customers compensated, with over half already accepting and finalising their compensation payments.

Leif Gamertsfelder, executive general manager at the CBA, said late Tuesday that the bank is now ready to move forward, and is satisfied it has made things right with their customers.

"Our priority now is to work with customers who are considering their assessment outcome - and respond to any queries or address their concerns as soon as possible." Gamertsfelder said.

The review began in 2014, with CBA chief executive Ian Narev ordering its inception, after the bank was exposed to have provided bad advice, following a series of investigative reports and an Australian Senate inquiry.

The CBA will release its half yearly results on Feb. 14.

Diving enthusiasts know the South Pacific is home to some of the most awe-inspiring underwater sights in the world Mario Gomez World Cup Jersey , with few as breathtaking as Fiji, a scenic archipelago of more than 300 islands spread over an ocean area of more than 200,000 square miles. Fiji offers hundreds of spectacular Fiji diving sites to please even the most discriminating diver.

Many of the Fiji coral reefs provide a wide variety of Fiji diving possibilities for novices and expert divers, including wreck dives, night dives, and drift dives, among others. Some of the more stunning reefs include:

The Outer Barrier Reef provides some of the more stunning Fiji diving spectacles. If one is looking for colorful fish swimming in and out of equally rainbow-kissed coral Marco Reus World Cup Jersey , one would do well to visit Gotham City, one of the more renowned diving sites in Fiji, or possibly the Big W, where big fish, including mantas and sharks, often cruise on their way out to the ocean. The Namotu Reef on one of the Outer Barrier Reef's passages, offers Fiji divers a fantastic view of sharks Marc-Andre ter Stegen World Cup Jersey , marlins, and manta rays; the Namotu Wall, on the other hand, provides an unbelievable view of aquatic life, with turtles, sharks, and schools of fish in great abundance.

Meanwhile Manuel Neuer World Cup Jersey , if one is looking for a nontraditional Fiji diving site with unexpected results, one can visit Barrel Heads, where reef sharks, turtles, hard coral, and sea fans are known to proliferate; the Castaway Passage, renowned for its incredible visibility of more than 30 meters; or The Big Blue which sports a remarkable variety of coral canyons. Drift dive enthusiasts will appreciate the Wilky Wall Lukas Podolski World Cup Jersey , a drift dive over Fiji's most beautiful coral reefs, and the Wilkes Passage, a thrilling passage that runs with the ocean current.

The Malolo Barrier Reef, on the other hand, is an equally impressive Fiji diving site for its exciting, abundant aquatic life. The Supermarket is arguably the world's most famous diving site for sharks. Grey reef sharks and white and black tip reef sharks are all over The Supermarket. The B26 Bomber, so-named because of the namesake American aircraft that crashed in its 26m area Leroy Sane World Cup Jersey , provides an interesting goal to divers seeking a bit of history by encouraging them to find the parts of the doomed airplane, kept together by rope on the ocean bed. The Salamanda Shipwreck is another exciting wreck dive; the Salamanda, a 40m cruise ship that sank in 30m of seawater, is now a breeding ground for soft coral, shrimp, crabs, and sea anemone.

Other Fiji diving spots worth checking out are Jackie's Reef Kevin Volland World Cup Jersey , a favorite of coral viewing boats for the past three decades for its diverse fish population; Vomo Island, which hosts Ronnie's Reef's sensational coral canyons and Vomo Caves' intricate caverns and unforgettable swim-through passages; Tui's Reef, a popular night Fiji diving spot where crayfish, clams, moray eels and other tropical aquatic life come out to feed; Stonehenge, ideal for novice divers because of its shallow depths; Bird Rock, renowned for its swim-through passages and caves Karim Bellarabi World Cup Jersey , soft corals and plentiful fish action; the Circus, phenomenal for its abundance of multicolored coral; and Coral Gardens, a relatively shallow reef dive with oh-too-different corals and reef.

Visitors to Fiji would do well to find a resort in Fiji close to some of the better Fiji diving spots, of which there are many. One particular Fiji resort that's renowned for its proximity to the more famous diving sites is the Nomads Skylodge Resort (http:www.nomadsskylodge). This Fiji resort, the newest island newest hideaway on Nadi, Fiji's third-largest town, is ideal Fiji accommodations for wedding and other celebrations because of its ideal location. Everything is conveniently within reach at the Nomads Skylodge Resort in Fiji Julian Weigl World Cup Jersey , and its stellar event facilities and welcoming ambience are renowned throughout the region as a must-visit for Fiji wedding venues. Another great factor for considering the Nomads Skylodge is that you can now reserve directly with this Fiji resort online! Their official hotel website guarantees Guests their Nomads Skylodge reservations (with instant confirmation!) at the best rates on the Internet.

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