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Important Details About Peer Tutoring Training Important Details About Peer Tutoring Training December 13 Jamaal Williams Youth Jersey , 2014 | Author: Jocelyn Davidson | Posted in Education
This involves the practice of giving additional or special instruction to a student who needs it. The student is normally of the same age or status as the one being tutored. This comes about due to the need for improving grades and cultivating better studying habits. Peer tutoring training is needed to ensure this extra attention is beneficial.

Tutors have a different job description from their teachers. Their work is not to teach but to make simple what has been previously taught in a classroom setup. Encouraging students to do better is more of their job description. This is normally through practice. The trainers should help make sure their tutors can do a good job. This is by giving them trials in which they can practice.

Fun is an essential part of study. That is why a tutor should have fun study methods. This helps to ensure learning is memorable. Examples include putting students in groups in the case of activities that need cooperation. Role play can also be used. These methods enable students to express what they have learnt. Supervisors should check on the sessions once in a while.

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