Make sure to intake a lot off food that has antioxidants

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The day had started too bad for me. I was annoyed at everything happening around me. First and foremost I got up late from bed Lawrence Guy Limited Jersey , skipped my breakfast to reach office on time, got caught in the terrifying traffic and finally landed in office at the correct time. I was totally exhausted even before the day had started. When I started my day with much struggle, I received news from my friend that she is suffering from Cancer, the deadly disease. I knew I cannot work anymore for the day. I went home and did a little bit of research on Cancer deciding to help my friend with her treatment. Luckily I had Charter Internet at home and I was able to gather more information from the research in a short while. Internet was much faster than me and which was the only good thing that happened to me from morning.

Many of us call it as a deadly disease. Well after my little research Stephon Gilmore Limited Jersey , I do not accept with that. Cancer is like any other disease when treated properly will never come back. All the other diseases that we have now were also portrayed the same way in the past. But we can find people coming out of the disease forever and living a normal and regular life. Cancer is also one such disease. We can find people around the world who cannot find their cancer lumps any more. It has disappeared suddenly. Healthy food with sufficient nutrients taken on a regular basis will benefit your health in all ways.

Make sure to intake a lot off food that has antioxidants, phytochemicals and fiber. Fiber rich food reduces the risk of colon cancer. Broccoli is an effective food against breast and ovarian cancers. Lycopene found in tomatoes are great fighters against prostate cancer. Cinnamon is high in antioxidants. Make sure to add cinnamon as much as possible in your daily diet. Ginger has iron content in addition to the anti oxidants.
Garlic is a good fighter against cancer, and it provides great taste to your food. Carrots are not only good for bunny and your eyes; they play a major role in curing cancer.

Almonds and walnuts have non-saturated foods which are what the body requires. They provide excellent energy to the body. Citrus fruits are considered to be great fighters against cancer. Fruits like oranges, lemon and grape fruits are considered to be a good choice. Always make sure to have fresh fruits. Try to collect fruits from a local farm if you have one next to your home. Cook food properly and boil them completely before consuming it. There are many more natural food around us which help in fighting against cancer.

During my research I found many people who have survived Cancer and leading a normal life for years and years together. When it is possible for so many people to live on earth Dwayne Allen Limited Jersey , why can’t others? We need to provide food rich with nutrients for our body which prepares energy to fight against Cancer. A little bit of exercise would also help a lot for the cancer patients. I made up my mind to support my friend and provide her with all the details that I came to know through research. Developing enough self confidence and sacrificing a few unnecessary things would mean a lot in Cancer treatment. People who have cancer need not worry that your days are numbered. It is a normal disease like all the other diseases that we have. A little bit of change in lifestyle and eating habits will help you to get rid of the disease permanently.
ADDIS ABABA, Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- Ethiopian Ministry of Youth and Sport together with the Ethiopian Olympic Committee announced various sports events to mark the arrival of the Ethiopian New Year, which will start on September 11.

The event will bring together a number of renowned Ethiopian athletes in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa on Saturday, Restu Yirdaw Trey Flowers Limited Jersey , Ethiopian Minister of Youth and Sport announced on Friday.

Ethiopia has a unique calendar deriving from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church traditions whereby the country counts its annual year seven to eight years behind the internationally acclaimed Gregorian calendar. Accordingly, the Ethiopian New Year that falls on September 11, 2017 will be 2010.

One of the athletes expected to participate is Haile Gebrselassie, arguably the world's most successful distance runner of all time and currently President of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation. Olympic gold medalist Derartu Tulu will also participate in the 1 Jordan Richards Limited Jersey ,500m race on Saturday, it was noted.

Ethiopia's two dominant football clubs that are the Ethiopian Coffee and St. Jorge are also expected to face each other, which will be followed by various other sports events, including boxing and gymnastics Malcom Brown Limited Jersey , it was indicated.

The east African country has declared 10-day long nationwide celebrations, starting September 1, 2017, to usher in the upcoming Ethiopian New Year.

The 10-day long nationwide celebrations include Love Day Joe Thuney Limited Jersey , Mothers' and Children's Day, Elders' Day, Peace Day, Reading Day Deatrich Wise Jr. Limited Jersey , Green Development Day, Respect Day, National Feelings Day, Unity Day and Ethiopia Day.

Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome Antonio Garcia Limited Jersey , in his New Year message to the public, said the various events will be used to highlight the east African nation's significant gains in the socio-economic and political sectors over the past decade.

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