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Believe it or not , dunking has nothing to do with your height. That means you can be an expert in dunking even if you are less than 6 feet. There are, in fact, many basketball players who are less than 6 feet, but can dunk a basketball very well. In order to dunk a ball, what matter is your vertical jump - simple and straight-forward. So , you need to improve your vertical jump to dunk a basket ball in the best possible way.

If you want to learn how to dunk, then given below are some of tips that will help you improve your dunking skills:

Plyometric Exercise

First comes in the list is the Plyometric exercise. You might have heard about it before. Actually, this is one of the significant exercises that bridge the gap between strength and speed trainings. This exercise consists of various types of sport specific activities that can train and strengthen your muscles, nervous system and connective tissues. Plyometric exercise plays a crucial role in reducing your reaction time while being on the basket court which is very much needed for a good vertical jump.

Calf Muscles Exercise

Since, calf muscles provide a great balance and strength while jumping Patriots Troy Niklas Jersey , it is wise to make them even stronger. In reality, stronger calves will provide you with an added advantage in terms of extra height while taking a jump. These work as an accelerator in the basketball court, thus you can sprint accordingly. Note that, speed is an essence in the basketball game, so it is important to control over speed which can be done with the help of great calves.

Do Not Forget Those Squats

Squat exercises are the key to build up both strength and “spring” in your jump. These are needed for a good vertical jump. You may get enough reaction time Cheap Jeff Locke Jersey , but all is in vein if your large muscles i.e. quadriceps are not super strong. Seriously, there is no need to have any special equipment for a proper squad. Just bend at your knee slowly and make sure your back is straight. While going down you need to ensure that your thighs are completely parallel to the ground and then go back up again. Your hands should be in front of the body to make a balance. Repeat this activity for 8-12 times, 3 sets every another day.

The above mentioned are just some of the basic exercises that you should consider, however there are other exercises also which can help you develop your dunking skills. No matter what exercise you choose, make sure you do it regular to take the maximum advantage.

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