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Nowadays you will find a lot of racing games that provide their users theability to drive Formula 1 series. Games such as Race On Cheap Natrell Jamerson Jersey , rFactor, and ofcourse the official F1 Game by Codemasters are all great franchises, but whichone of them has the greatest f1 2012 season? List below and find out.

Firstly, lets start with the game called rFactor. The greatest F1 rfactor mods arelately made by two, maybe three different modding groups. RFT Authentic Brian O'Neill Jersey , WCP andFsone.聽 聽Both of this modding teams are known as one ofthe best when we talk about Formula One mods for rFactor game.

As you might know first part of rFactor series is pretty much old as it wasreleased more than half a decade ago. However its system and components thatare included into the game, are so good, that rFactor one is still popular evenin very challenging 2012 year. If we consider 2012 season then we would chooseRFT product, however, for F1 2013 game聽there is at this time the best mod made from WCP group. In thespotlighted game Cheap James Washington Jersey , driving physics is still known as one of the greatest anttherefore modders have plenty of free space when creating a driving model.Reasonably, the only bad thing that I could imagine is that the graphics arenot comparable to other, more newish car games. That won't be a problem inrFactor 2 but to be honest no one really knows when the sequel of the gameseries will be released in full and perfect version.

So if you would wanted to choose between Formula 1 products in general that aremade from the previously mentioned modding groups I would recommend you RFT, atleast for the latest three seasons. Fsone created some amazing mods in theirhistory, especially seasons such as 2008 and 2009 were made greatly by them.Their mods usually has a very realistic and tough to drive physics as you canreally feel the car under your control. Physics in other two products is stillgreat Authentic Nathan MacKinnon Jersey , however, despite that rfactor is a simulation racing game it can be atiny bit to easy for hardcore racing enthusiasts. Detail of the vehicles isvery complex in both RFT and Fsone. Graphic is as good as the game itself canproduce it. Opinions about the sound differ as in RFT vehicle sounds are moreclose to V10 engines which are in general among racing enthusiasts the mostpopular but in this era in F1 not realistic as there are used V8 engines. Fsonehas in my opinion that sorted out in a better way. All in all you should tryproducts from both modding groups on your own and see it for yourself whichones do you like the most.

Early in this article we mentioned the game called Race On as well. It's a bitthe same game as is rFactor. You can add different mods, addons, tracks andother things into the game as well. It has a better graphic module and the modsare usually converted from rFactor, at least when we speak about the queen ofmotorsport series. RFT 2012 item is the one to look at there.

Of course there is also the official F1 Game 2012 product availableat your disposal. It's made by Codemasters brand and I must say that it is asolid improvement in comparison to previous two titles made by the samecompany. Note that this game has a more simpler driving physics but a much morebetter graphics and other gadgets included into the franchise.

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