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Many experts equate a greater degree of physical activity with heightened sensuality in men. Because of the very real benefits associated with exercise and physical activity Paul Aguilar Mexico Jersey , and how those benefits often translate in terms of manhood health and sensual activity, doctors often assume that the more exercise, the more sensual drive a man is going to have. But now a new study may put the brakes on that idea – at least a little bit.

The study

Published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, this study is entitled “Endurance Exercise Training and Male Sensual Drive,” an unusually straightforward title for a medical journal. The stated purpose of this trial is to “study the associations between aspects of endurance exercise training and the sensual drive in healthy men using a cross-sectional online survey study design.”

What that means is that the scientists involved (who hail from the University of North Carolina Orbelin Pineda Mexico Jersey , Chapel Hill) developed an online survey that would help determine the physical fitness, exercise routines and sensual drive of participants. More than 1,000 men were surveyed, which is a respectable number but a little on the small side for a study meant to have meaning for half the population.

Previous studies

Previous studies measured male hormone activity in men and its relationship to exercise. These studies support the idea that a moderate amount of exercise creates more male hormone (which in turn ratchets up the sensual drive); they have also suggested that long and grueling workouts can tend to erase the increase in male hormone and may contribute to a decrease in male hormone (and, subsequently Nestor Araujo Mexico Jersey , in sensual drive).

Instead of looking at male hormone changes, this study asked men directly about their sensual drives. The questions asked men not only how often they had sensual activity but how often they thought about sensual activity, how intense those thoughts were, and the like.

After taking into consideration all pertinent factors (age, overall health Miguel Layun Mexico Jersey , etc.), a pattern emerged. Those men whose exercise routines were on the moderate or light side in terms of intensity andor duration tended to have moderate or high sensual drives. And men who worked out like maniacs, pushing themselves to the limit, tended to have low sensual drives.


As mentioned earlier, the number of participants is a little small to be able to draw any solid conclusions. In addition Jose de Jesus Corona Mexico Jersey , these are men who volunteered to take the survey, which is to some degree intrusive; there could theoretically be different results if those who declined to take the survey had answered the questions.

Perhaps more problematic is that measuring sensual drive in a self-reported manner presents challenges. Despite efforts to quantify it, one man’s interpretation of how intense his feelings are may vary from another’s. And even with an anonymous survey, it’s very easy for a man to “cheat” a little, especially when admitting to how often he has sensual activity or thinks about it.

Still Jorge Torres Nilo Mexico Jersey , the results raise interesting points. If a man really pushes himself during his workouts and exercise routines and finds that he has a decreased sensual drive, he might want to take his exercise intensity down a few notches and see if there is a difference. Or he may want to talk to his doctor to see what other alternatives he could consider.

Other sensual tips don’t necessarily involve exercise. For example, using a top flight male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to maintain overall member health can be a plus when it comes to sensual activity. Be sure to use a crème with L-arginine, which helps the body produce ingredients to keep manhood blood vessels open and receptive. It’s also wise to use a crème with acetyl L carnitine Jesus Molina Mexico Jersey , a neuroprotective ingredient that helps guard against loss of sensation in the member.
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