itting on a wooden chair and looking through a book

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itting on a wooden chair and looking through a book, I suddenly heard a dingy noise on top of my head. I looked up and saw a dark shadow floating from the tree and landed on my pages Newport 100S. This is a phoenix tree leaf. The leaf veins on the leaf are still very clear. The sun has baked the leaves slightly, I caressed the lines of the leaves and my thoughts drifted to where I was...woke up and looked at my fluffy tail and felt a surprise. What? where am I? I found that I was in a tree hole. God! awesome! I become a squirrel! I excitedly ran out of the tree hole, looked down, and my feet were soft, my God, does the ghost know I have fear of heights? I withdrew the tree hole and started the squirrel's life.radually, I became not afraid of heights. I and my companions played hide-and-seek in the tree-holes and swinged together on the branches Carton Of Newports. Time flies, and autumn is coming. The colors of golden autumn are fascinating to me. I am even more playful. I am going to call on my few best companions and go for a walk on the road covered with golden leaves.nocked on the door of Jack's house. When Jack saw me, I didn't know what to do. Frowning said to me: "How come you didn't collect food for the winter?" "What? Food for the winter?" I answered casually Marlboro Cigarettes. Road, "What's the hurry? Winter is not still early? Fall is so beautiful, of course, to be fun, how can there be any idleness to collect winter food!" Jack shook his head helplessly Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Really boring! Every time I knocked on a door, it was again the same top back. The winter finally came. I didn't prepare anything Carton Of Marlboro Reds. I trembled in the tree hole...

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