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ARUSHA Camisola Mario Rui Mundial 2018 , Tanzania, July 11 (Xinhua) -- Tanzania is set to reviewthe 1998 Forest Policy in an effort to curb deforestation, whichcost the east African nation at least 372 Camisola Gelson Martins Mundial 2018 ,000 hectares of forestreserve areas annually, a senior official said Tuesday.

The review has been necessitated by several negative trends inthe forestry sector, both locally and internationally Camisola Goncalo Guedes Mundial 2018 , as well asthe need to develop a framework to address key challenges facingthe sector.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Tanzania's ministry of NaturalResources and Tourism Aloyce Nzuki said on Tuesday in Tanzania'scapital Dodoma that the review was necessary to help address themassive deforestation in the country.

He said increasing human activities and the demand for forestryproducts are among the main threats to the forest, adding thatthere has been an alarming massive invasion of forest areas inrecent years.

The plan, according to Nzuki Camisola Manuel Fernandes Mundial 2018 , is to ensure that the forestsector contribute to the national gross domestic product (GDP) in amore sustainable and effective way.

The 2015 National Forest Resources Monitoring and AssessmentReport showed that the forestry resources cover 48 millionhectares, about 55 percent of the Tanzania Mainland.

The sector contributes 3.5 percent to the GDP, 10 percent to theforeign earnings and 3 percent to the employment in the formalsector.

Nzuki said the sector also covers 75 percent of materials usedin construction sector Camisola Andre Gomes Mundial 2018 , adding up to 90 percent of energy sourcesin remote areas. "It is also an important part of the ecosystem,water and soil protection," he said. Enditem

MELBOURNE Camisola William Carvalho Mundial 2018 , July 10 (Xinhua) -- Australian scientists havesuccessfully bred fly larvae that can turn waste into animal feed,it was revealed on Monday.

The team from Melbourne biotech company Karma3 used softwaredevelopment skills to breed the black soldier flies whose larvaeturn food scraps into a protein source.

The flies have a lifespan of only seven days but during thattime they lay between 100 and 500 eggs.

As soon as they hatch, the larvae get to work breaking down theorganic matter Camisola Ruben Neves Mundial 2018 , producing a substance that is 60 to 65 percentprotein with the rest being fat and carbohydrate.

Martin Pike, chief scientific officer at Karma3, said that themake-up of the new substance made it an ideal replacement for thesoybean meal currently used to feed animals worldwide.

"What we're trying to do here is really harness naturalprocesses Camisola Anthony Lopes Mundial 2018 , turn them into something that's more efficient thannature, and do something really good for society and foragricultural industries," Pike told Australian media on Monday.

"It's quite easy to achieve the protein and fat content that wewant from the larvae with just a regular sort of food waste."

He said he believes that the product can be used as a cheapsustainable source of food for animals for the long-termfuture.

So far the product has been used primarily as feed for fish Camisola Bernardo Silva Mundial 2018 , butthe company is investigating using it in the poultry and swineindustry.

Pike said the largely disease-free soldier fly provided an addedadvantage of producing product that can reduce the level ofcontamination present in feed currently used.

"They don't use food at all so they're not a vector fordisease," he said.

"It can chew through almost any sort of toxic bacteria, thingsthat are commonly a problem like salmonella or E.coli." Enditem

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