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ROME Norichika Aoki Jersey , May 12 (Xinhua) -- The Italian highest court on Friday upheld the 16-year sentence to captain of the Costa Concordia cruise liner that hit a reef in January 2012 with death toll of 32 lives and hundreds injured.

The captain, Francesco Schettino, was expected to be put in Jail after losing chance of final appeals as the Court of Cassation, the highest criminal tribunal, upheld the lower court convictions and the 16-year sentence to him in a ruling.

Schettino was accused of manslaughter and causing the shipwreck while conducting the boat sailing near Giglio Island off Tuscany. He was also convicted of abandoning the capsizing liner with some 4,000 passengers and crew on board.

According to local media, one of the lawyers representing the victims, Michelina Suriano, said "finally Schettino begins to pay for his wrongdoing."

The tragedy happened on January 13, 2012.

Xi proposes advancing China-Ethiopia ties

China welcomes Mongolia to actively participate in Belt and Road construction

Media center of Belt and Road Forum put into operation in Beijing

Xinhua, UNAIDS agree to deepen cooperation

Chinese submersible explores turbidity current in South China Sea

Straw art gala held in E China's Shandong

Xinjiang Int'l Grand Bazaar held in Urumqi, NW China

8th China Peking Opera art festival to be held in Nanjing

(b) a warning of possible dangers due to misuse or when the manual or procedures are not observed;
(c) actions to be taken when the user detects a gas smell or gas leakage;
(d) any adverse effects due to temperature or humidity (e.g. if there is a risk of starting problems due to vaporisation in liquid feed pipes when the vehicle is parked during very hot weather);
(e) any statutory restrictions on the use of the vehicle (e.g. parking, maintenance, re-qualification).

The only known restrictions in the UK are the limitations on the fuel capacity in the Dartford, Mersey and Tyne road tunnels to 250 kg (500litres) and the prohibition of alternative fuel car using the Channel Tunnel.

A3.3 AUTOGAS System Description

A3.3.1 Filling of the AUTOGAS system

The manual should indicate the sequence of operations needed to fill the LPG tank.

Particular attention should be paid to the maximum filling level of 80% of the total volume of the tank installed in the vehicle.

The manual should indicate that in case of a malfunction of the automatic 80% filling system the user should stop filling manually at the 80% value that can be indicated by the AUTOGAS system installer when the total tank volume is known.

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