The Evolution of Petite Prom Dresses

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Petite evening dresses are more and more popular in the occasion of champagne bridesmaids dresses. They usually cost less than the cheap bridesmaid dress because they are less complicated and use less fabric. Thanks to the short-length, it is convenient to move or dance. So it is very nice to dance wearing a cheap short prom dress in a prom. Many brides use them as bridal gowns because of convenience and low-price too.

Today, petite prom dresses are necessary design products for most fashion brands. A variety of styles emerge, due to significant changes of style in the history. Petite prom dresses are leading the fashion, which decorate girls with elegant temperament. Petite prom dresses bring not only the noble temperament, but also the symbol of taste and status for women. They are many women's favorite purple bridesmaids dresses.

When the petite prom dress just appeared, it refers to the dress that is worn to attend cocktail in nineteen twenties. At that time they are popular clothes worn in the daytime, usually decorating with dress hats, gloves and a small handbag. In the year of 1926, the designer Coco Chanel released some pictures of a black dress in a fashion magazine,which is short and straight. This dress only has a small amount of diagonals as decoration, which was called Chanel’s “Ford T type of car” by a fashion magazine. The review said the black petite prom dress for all social class female, and predicted that this dress will be essential clothing to all women. Until the end of twentieth century, a petite prom dress is still designed according to clothes worn in the daytime, but it has entered the process of evolution off the shoulder bridal gowns.

In ten years from the last century 30's to 40's, there has been a petite prom dress that can be worn all day. The main color of the dress is black. Silk is the most commonly used fabric. It is generally the knee-length. There are two main reasons about the rise of the black petite prom dresses. First, the black dress as office clothing is simple and precise. It is stylish and elegant when you wear it with brooches to attend parties in the evening. Second, the color of photography is limited to black and white at that time, so the female stars usually wear black dresses in the movie, avoiding the color distortions.

After the Second World War, the petite prom dress has changed greatly. The length becomes shorter; the collar becomes lower; the dress without sleeves becomes tighter. The petite prom dress with reflective sequins and embroidery became more attractive champagne bridesmaid dress.

In the last century 60's the petite prom dress has changed greatly compared to the 50's. Pink, silver and gold became the main colors instead of black. The ornament in dress is relatively reduced, and the skirts became narrow.

In 70’s casual clothes are fashions, so the petite prom dress was replaced by loose pants. In 80’s casual clothes are out of fashion, the petite prom dresses became the public’s favorite again. It usually made of satin with lace modification. Since the 90's of last century, the petite prom dress has risen again. Most Hollywood actress likes wearing the dress on the red carpet. Since then the fashion designers began to relaunch petite prom dresses that have been ignored for twenty years inexpensive bridal gowns.

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