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When walking around Ireland Cool Base Dexter Fowler Jersey , or anywhere recently, it is common to glimpse the gold band of the traditional Irish Claddagh ring. The hand held heart resting beneath the crown is said to be a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty. A gift passed from friend to friend, between lovers Cool Base Matt Carpenter Jersey , and through the family. But what are its origins?

Although there are more than one legend of the origin of the Irish Claddagh ring, the one which is usually believed is the story of Richard Joyce and his love. A member of the Joyce clan of Galway, he sailed to the West Indies, but on the way Joyce and his fellow sailors were captured and kept imprisoned as slaves.

Over fourteen years it was Joyce's job to work alongside a goldsmith. During his years of working Joyce supposedly designed the traditional Irish Claddagh ring. He had left his love back in Ireland and she is said to have been waiting for him. Finally Cool Base Yadier Molina Jersey , as William III ascended to the thrown, he called for the release of the British prisoners. Joyce was free to return home.

Before Joyce's return to Ireland, his 'owner' offered him wealth, and his daughter in marriage. Joyce said no Cool Base Willie McGee Jersey , opting to return to Ireland and his long awaited love. After waiting for so long she was glad of his return, and married him instantly. It is said he gave her the ring as a symbol of their love. Due to this legend the tradition of the giving of the Irish Claddagh ring to lovers is obvious.

When Ireland was struck with the potato famine, many of the Irish families travelled to America, taking with them the Irish Claddagh ring Cool Base Bob Gibson Jersey , which has now become a family heirloom. The ring is now passed down through the female line, or to males to pass to their love.

As the ring is a tradition of the Irish families, it may be a gift between lovers and married couples, which ahs been passed down through the family. It shows a connection to the family Cool Base Stan Musial Jersey , as well as a connection between the two who will join together at the wedding.

In recent times, the Claddagh ring has been used as a wedding band at pagan wedding ceremonies, often called a hand-fasting. The hand-fasting, as with more traditional wedding ceremonies Cool Base Ozzie Smith Jersey , joins two people together in love and friendship, and so the Claddagh ring has become a popular symbol, rather than a plain gold band.
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