“Challenges are there, but it is part of learning process

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BERLIN Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Hoodies , Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- Toni Kroos has been named as Germany's Player of the Year 2014, the German Soccer Association (DFB) announced on Friday.

The German international midfielder was elected by the fan club "Nationalmannschaft" as the Player of the Year 2014 after a poll on the DFB's official homepage.

The election of Kroos surprised as he left veteran, and now retired striker Miroslav Klose and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, who is still in the race of FIFA's Ballon d'Or, behind.

"The election to the Player of the Year in the World Cup winning year 2014 means a lot to me as fans from all over the world participated," Kroos said. "I am actually not a big fan of individual awards because in our sport we can only win as a team. Therefore Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Shirts , I would like to thank the whole team that worked perfectly 2014."

The year 2014 was for sure a remarkable year for the 25-year-old midfielder as he lifted the German domestic double with Bayern Munich, clinched the World Cup in Brazil with Germany before he moved to Real Marid in summer to pen a six-year deal.

Toni Kroos made since his debut in 2010 overall 57 appearances in the German dress to score nine goals.


MAPUTO, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- The meeting between MozambicanPresident Filipe Nyusi and opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama lastSunday was praised by former President Armando Guebuza, as well asby the European Union (EU), the U.S. government and academic groupsin Mozambique.

""All of us have been working to and want to see peace inMozambique. This meeting means that key steps were taken for aneffective peace in our country. We encourage this initiative andhope that soon we will be living in peace,"" said Guebuza onWednesday in Maputo.

It was a surprising step taken by the president and the mainopposition leader Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys , and a demonstration of goodwill from both sidesto carve out a happy ending and to open a new chapter inMozambique's development.

The two leaders met on the ground of the main opposition,Renamo, in Gorongosa, Sofala Province, where the Renamo leader tookrefuge after alleged attempts from the armed forces to end hislife.

After the discussion, the leaders reached an agreement on thecoming steps of the country's peace process that should beconcluded by the end of this year Cheap Eagles Hats , according to a statement fromthe president.

They intend to work closely with the commissions created by thegovernment together with Renamo delegations, and another meetingwill be held to prepare the final details for the conclusion of theprocess.

Salutations and praise for both leaders came in soon after themeeting. The EU said the meeting is important for both sides tobuild mutual trust and congratulated them on the initiative.

Through its embassy in Maputo, the U.S. government alsocommended this meeting for representing a significant move on bothleaders' parts for a long-lasting peace in the country.

""This meeting represents another significant step in their jointefforts to achieve a lasting peace that will benefit the securityand prosperity of the people of the Republic of Mozambique,"" saidthe U.S. press release.

Academic groups in Mozambican society also expressed theirappreciation of the meeting, and addressed the responsibilities ofeach part involved in the negotiation aimed at reaching anagreement that will put an end to the reconciliation efforts thathave been dragging on since 1992.

""We must rejoice, we must be trustful and bear in mind that thelevel of trust increased between the two Cheap Eagles Hoodies , but need to be on guardto make sure nothing spoils this situation,"" said Lourenco doRosario, an academic and former member of the observatory missionduring the peace talks in Maputo.

Since the declaration of this indefinite truce, Mozambique haswitnessed no more attacks along the roads, particularly in itscentral and northern regions. Enditem

" "

BEIJING, Aug.10 (Xinhuanet) -- “China is different from what I have imagined and seen before I came here. After five months of first-hand experience in China Cheap Eagles Shirts , I become more interested in Chinese language and culture,” said Sangeet Sangroula, correspondent of Republica Daily of Nepal.

Sangroula, with five years of journalism experience, came to China to attend the 10-month long program until December 2017.

“I read a lot about China, but never had a clear understanding though. A sense of curiosity to know how China is able to develop so rapidly and peacefully Cheap Eagles Jerseys , and also Chinese culture, society and people was always there with me,” said Sangroula, when talking about why he joined the program.

However, Khonesavanh Latsaphao, deputy director of Vientiane Times Newspaper in Laos Cheap Donnie Jones Jersey , attended the program with a clear personal plan -- to become a newsman with global perspective.

“I worked at Vientiane Times Newspaper for almost 20 years. This visit gives me a chance to know more about China and I will share my experiences with our people. Laos is a small country, I really have a lot to learn here,” he said.

Knowing little about Chinese language except for greetings like “Ni Hao” (How are you), both Sangroula and Latsaphao had the same difficult days at the first.

“I went to buy milk but ended up buying yogurt when I just arrived in China,” recalled Sangroula with big smile.

Latsaphao also shared one of his experiences that he once missed the last train of subway line one at night, and almost couldn’t get home because he couldn’t express where he exactly lived in to the taxi driver!

However Cheap Jason Kelce Jersey , both of them didn’t take these experiences as trouble.

“Challenges are there, but it is part of learning process of Chinese and Chinese culture. As I learn more Chinese here, life is getting better over time,” Sangroula said.

Sangroula believes language is the gateway into another culture. Learning language can increase individuals’ level of acceptance of another cultur. Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Custom Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys

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