This afternoon, our school collectively

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This afternoon, our school collectively went to the Emerald Lake Spring Tour Newport Cigarettes.ear noon, we saw a circus performance in the north of the Emerald Lake Park.ontents of the circus performance include the tiger jumping ring, the bears carrying the sedan chair, the bears crossing the wooden bridge and so on. In a reasonable way, watching a circus performance should be a very fun project, but we are happy to come and return. why? Because the students generally think that this is too cruele surface, the performance of the animals is really wonderful. The bear and the sedan chair made people laugh, and the tiger and the lion drilled the fire circle. It was amazing, but you have thought that behind these wonderful performances, there are many secrets and sadness that are unknown.he circus performance, I was surprised to find that the black bear had no Xiong Wei; the tiger did not have the majesty of the "forest overlord"; the lion who was known as the "Prairie Overlord" had no previous glory. At the same time, these animals without heroes do not have the feeling of shocking people and thrilling. Why is this? turned out that when these animals were sent to the circus, the cruel and powerful animal trainer flattened their teeth and pulled out their claws. Not only that, but they also used whip and iron rods to make these beasts obey the conductor of the animal trainer and perform.or animals, if they don't follow the animal trainer, the animal trainers will "punish" the animals. If you don't give food, you can even whipping and sticking. Sometimes the animals are disabled! Poor animals, paying a heavy price for the happiness of peopleder to make the animal trainer more secure when performing the circus, the animal trainer must eliminate the wildness of the beasts. Poor animals were imprisoned in an iron cage less than 2 meters long. For example, suppose you sleep in bed and can only do some simple exercises in bed all the time, all the time. At this time, you must feel very bored. In very popular terms, the heart is like a cat. You may think that it is no big deal. But this is not a day, it is life! A month has passed, and one year has passed, and the wildness of the beast has disappeared. They are so pitiful! They deserve our sympathy!en we carefully observed the animal's body, we were surprised to find that their bodies were bruised. For example, the tiger has black and black spots on the body and tail. According to my speculation, this is most likely a scar that was burned by fire when jumping on a fire ring. These look at the heartbreaking scars seem to be telling me about the atrocities of the animal trainer Online Cigarettes. No matter who is the heart of the stone, the heart will be shocked.I learned from the newspaper that a beastmaster cruelly took the bear's bile (short for bear bile) from the body of the black bear and thus profited from it. For example, bears have 100% bile, but bears can sustain life as long as 30%. In this way Carton Of Cigarettes, the animal trainer can extract 70% of the bile from the bear and benefit from it Cheap Cigarettes. But don't forget, the bear's bile is a little less, the bear's body will become weak Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, but they still haveoth humans and animals should be respected. It is not that animals do not resist, but when it is weak, and let them make funny, thrilling movements to win people's applause and make money for the circus
Friends, animals are only the most natural and innate nature in the wild, and human care and love is another form of abuse.

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