The Kinshra Black Knight launched a thorough attack on the RS

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The Kinshra Black Knight launched a thorough attack on the adversary Falador's white knight.

Since two weeks, two commands Warriors will go head-to-head Falador streets. Pitch, pick up some special rewards, and immersed in your city's reworked graphical glory. Also increase the spoils from your giant nevus, artisan workshops and more substantial gains XP and value.

Falador When you appear, you will find the rs 07 gold item in turmoil: Conflict Knight duel safe bet, a powerful war machine, wounded soldiers from the party's Pete, who wants everyone for getting along, occasionally balloon drop.

Invasion will continue a couple weeks, at this time, you can participate in a variety of ways. Please note that there isn't a requirement to choose the side: You can help or hinder anyone you ultimately choose, at any time. We will announce the actual winning side, once the two several weeks are up.fifabuyrsgames

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