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There exists hardly any current literary form that is as little comprehended as is the short narrative.

The expression short story is correctly used only if it indicates a shorter piece of fiction , which in turn depicts creatively a small bit of actual life.

The first requisite of a short story is that the author has got a narrative to convey – that is, a plot. He can deliver lovely scenes and descriptive images if she or he will, but he or she has to bring to life and humanize them with the introduction of certain characters, patterned after the men and women of real life; and each of these characters have to move and act and come to life.

In its technique a work of short fiction requires the utmost care; it lacks the bulk of a book, and that covers minor defects. It has to follow a distinct structure, which must be compact, and which will have its components appropriately proportioned and connected; and it must be authored in a competent manner.

The short work of fiction is fabricated, and to a substantial extent unrealistic. It could not be otherwise, as it singles out of our complicated existence one person or else a lone incident and treats it as though it were complete in itself. Such isolation is not known to nature. Yet this kind of isolation and exclusion are required by the rules of the short story; and after all, there is always the sense, when the characters are well fleshed-out, that they have been alive and will carry on living, though we have chanced to come in contact with them for only a short while.

It’s this kind of separation, this magnifying of one character or event, which makes up the main difference between the novel and shorter narrative. In the novel we’ve got a reproduction of a certain slice of the real world: each of the characters are there, together with their complicated lives and their different feelings; you’ll find different sequences, each one the stage of a specific occurrence or semi-climax which moves the drama on to the end of the book.

With a short story it has to be very unique. A short story allows for only a single scene and event, few real characters, with only one main feeling. Everything else may be a hinderance to the well-being and goal of a narrative. A story can not properly be known as a short one unless it has got a very simple plot and no extraneous material. In the event that a story fulfills each of these qualifications, and is successful in stirring strong emotions, it may have the possibility to be recognized as an effective model of writing at its very best.

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