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Singapore's way to deal with the criminal justice system is supported by four essential standards:

(1) The laws and criminal procedure must shield society from wrongdoing and maintain peace;

(2) Due procedure and the guideline of law must be watched, and sentences must equivalent with the culpability of the lawbreaker and intensity of the offense;

(3) Enforcement officers must be engaged to release their obligations successfully;

(4) Guilty parties must be given the chance to be reintegrated and rehabilitated into society.

In recent years, the Criminal law of Singapore has rolled out a progression of improvements, which articulate to a definitive change in the criminal equity system.

To begin with, much exertion has been put into keeping individuals from getting into inconvenience in any case. Internal research demonstrates that there is an extremely solid relationship between's dropping out from school and the ensuing commotion of wrongdoing. The Ministry of Home Affairs has along these lines actualized various early intervention projects focusing on adolescents at danger, guided by an Inter-Ministerial Committee led by Senior Minister of State.

Second, charged persons have been given more offer assistance. The Subordinate Courts set up the Community Justice Centre to help the unrepresented defendant. For those confronting a capital charge, the Supreme Court's Legal Assistance Scheme for Capital Offenses gives free legitimate representation.

Third, changes have been made to Court forms. The formalized criminal revelation administration decreases shocks at trial. The Criminal Case Resolution plan gives a road to the barrier and indictment to investigate the early determination of cases. AGC and the Law Society likewise together discharged a Code of Practice to energize resistance legal counselors and open prosecutors to watch their obligations and embrace best works on amid criminal procedures. With respect to sentencing alternatives, the compulsory capital punishment changes and the presentation of group sentences have been given courts more prominent sentencing discretion to guarantee that the discipline fits the wrongdoing.

Fourth, our punitive logic is not just grounded on thoughts of revenge and prevention. Rehabilitation is an essential piece of sentencing administration. This is something that general society and infrequently, even legal counselors don't know about.

Since the days of legitimisation in 1990, appeal for parking tickets have shown a sharp increase from the motorists. This in turn has led majority of people to apply more and more for the appeals.

Since parking tickets result in parking fines, many are of the view that the number of ticket issuance has increased since the local councils have taken this as a means of revenue generation in the aftermath of decriminalization.

There are several reasons why one opts not to pay the parking fines. The main one being the cost. Recently there has been an increase in parking fines, with some motorists paying up to 120 pounds for their parking tickets.

It is essential you contest every parking ticket, especially if you feel you should not have been given it. The appeal against your parking ticket is very easy and around 50% of these appeals are granted quite easily. The council don’t even bother to appear most of the time while these appeals are being considered.

But one must also keep in mind the value of parking tickets since without it, the streets would become chaos. Moreover, absence of parking fines would also have lead to extremely low budget for the local councils to run on and thus subsequent increase of taxes.

This is the basis of issuing parking tickets to more and more motorists – to increase transport revenues. However traffic wardens are actually encouraged to hand out as many parking tickets as they can regardless of whether or not the motorist is actually breaking the law.

So if any motorist or driver thinks of parking his car in a public place where there is no sign saying he is permitted to park, he should avoid parking there as it is likely to be a trap. It’s really not worth the risk of getting a huge parking fine or having to appeal a parking ticket.

The good news is

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