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By Mulyanda DJohan Adnan

PIDIE JAYA, Indonesia, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- Emergency relief aids have been flowing into quake-hit areas in Aceh province of western Indonesia after a strong quake hit the territory Wednesday, while more assistance is desperately needed by thousands of survivors.

The shallow-underland quake of 6.4-magnitude has left over 10,000 people displaced in Pidie Jaya district, Pidie district and Bureaun district after damaging nearly 11,000 houses, buildings, hospitals, bridges and infrastructures facilities, according to data from an aid center in Pidie Jaya district released on Friday.

Foods, medicines, tents, clothes and others emergency relief aids have been received by the quake survivors, and scores of other aids will arrive soon at the quake-affected areas, said Cut Dia, press officer at aid center of disaster agency in Pidie Jaya district.

"Two trucks are transporting logistics and drugs for the quake survivors here," Cut told Xinhua at the center on Friday.

The assistance was also aimed at supporting search and rescue operation as some aids have been received by the authorities, such as two ambulances, four units of excavators, 12 trucks, tents and others, Cut said.

"Blankets, tents and foods are among those badly needed by the displaced persons. Still, the number of the aids already distributed remains insufficient," she added.

The Indonesian Red Cross have also distributed around 9 tons of hygiene kits, tons of clean waters, drugs and logistics, according to Wisnu Wardana, spokesman of the Red Cross.

Specialists for orthopedics and doctors had also been deployed by the non-government health organization and scores of others emergency relief aids are being transported to the quake-hit areas, he told Xinhua.

The catastrophe has boosted solidarity among the Acehneses and those from other parts of the archipelago country as they have contributed to the emergency relief attempt, Rafiati, head of social department at Pidie Jaya district told Xinhua.

At present most of the survivors took shelters in makeshift tents, mosques, and relatives' houses, Yusmazi, head of emergency unit at disaster agency in Pidie Jaya district told Xinhua.

In one of shelters in Pangwa village of Pidie Jaya district, hundreds of displaced persons looked sad as they have lost their homes, and some of them are been traumatized for the possibility of a repeat of tsunami catastrophe in December 2004 that left over 170,000 people dead and a massive infrastructure damages in the province.

"Everything was shaken strongly when the quake was happening. I thought the tsunami will happen again," Ibrahim Ali of 70 years told Xinhua at the shelter.

Survivors remain scared to stay near buildings for the prospect of dangerous aftershocks, according to most of the displaced persons.

"Now I do not know where to return, because my house has been totally destroyed. But I am grateful as I still survive," Aisyah of 68 years survivor said.

Having moderate income, the victims expected aids to be given for rebuilding their flattened houses.

"My earnings as farmer is not sufficient to finance my reconstruction of my house. I hope there will be assistance for it. But now I am glad because my two wounded sons have been treated at a hospital with free of charges," M Soleh, another survivor told Xinhua.

The quake has also impacted on clean water supply that cause spreading of diseases.

"Dozens of residences in Pangwa village have also suffered from fever, influenza and cough as the waters in their wells mixes with sulfur, which has came out from well after the quake," he said.

Thank to the aid from Aqua Inc, which has provided clean waters to the villagers, Yusmazi added.

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