Yoga fans practise yoga across China

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by Peter Mutai

NAIROBI, June 22 (Xinhua) -- The United Nations on Thursday launched a new roadmap to boost Kenya's efforts to achieve inclusive development in line with the country's Vision 2030 blueprint on socio-economic transformation.

The 2018 -2022 UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) will also help galvanize support from bilateral donors, private sector and civil society for Kenya.

"This is an innovative approach to development that will enable Kenya to solve poverty that affects a significant segment of the population," said the UN Resident Coordinator for Kenya Siddharth Chatterjee.

Chatterjee noted that the roadmap outlines priority areas that should be implemented to ensure that Kenya achieve the vision of becoming a middle-income economy.

Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury Henry Rotich hailed the new development roadmap, saying it will unleash prosperity in all parts of the country.

Rotich said that the implementation of the programs through the road map will address many development programs earmarked by the government.

The roadmap outlines key components of the document as well as stages of development to be taken into account so that a new, effective framework aligned to Kenya's Vision 2030 exists by the time the current one, UNDAF 2014-2018, expires in July, 2018.

The roadmap analyses and identifies gaps from the current UNDAF for improvement including on alignment with national, regional and global processes and priorities as well as stakeholder engagement.

It is also aligned with other key UN pillars such as humanitarian assistance, human rights and peace building.

Its launch came as the Kenyan government strives to foster strategic partnerships with multilateral lenders to boost response to a host of humanitarian crisis like influx of refugees, droughts and conflicts.

"The next UNDAF will adopt a paradigm shift that proposes promotion of self reliance and socio-economic integration of both refugees and host communities," Chatterjee said.

He noted the new development model will also focus on integration of infrastructure and skills upgrade in the County Development Plans.

Likewise, it will facilitate repatriation and re-integration of refugees in their native countries by addressing root causes of conflicts that include poverty, underdevelopment and dysfunctional political systems.

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Yoga fans practise yoga across China

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