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The Detroit Lions are 3-6 and falling fast. If the problems with the team were nice and simple , you’d like to think the coaching staff—even as green as they are—would be able to make some progress in chipping away at those issues. Unfortunately for Detroit, there are a lot of things wrong with the team right now, and no turnaround seems imminent. I’m not sure it’s fair to say head coach Matt Patricia is in over his head, but it’s also clear that his work is cut out for him not just this year but likely for next, as well.So today’s Question of the Day is:What is the Lions’ biggest problem right now?My answer: I think the biggest thing holding this Detroit Lions team back is their inability to defend the pass in any sort of way. Patricia and defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni have said multiple times this year that pass defense relies on the cooperation between the pass rushing abilities of your front seven combined with the play of the secondary. Unfortunately for the Lions, they don’t do either of those things particularly well, and the results are disastrous. Detroit ranks 31st in passer rating allowed (116.8), 31st in yards per attempt allowed (8.9) and27th in completion percentage (69.0). Ouch.Admittedly, teams can succeed in today’s NFL without a proper pass defense. The Saints (108.8) and Rams (98.9) both rank in the bottom 10 in passer rating allowed Cheap Ziggy Ansah Jersey , but are considered two of the best teams in league. Obviously, the Lions don’t have an offense at those levels where they can compensate for such a poor defense, which, again, points to how complicated this team’s issues right now. But it all comes back to that pass defense right now.The league is getting more and more successful through the air, and the Lions are getting worse and worse at defending it. I hate to say it, but we haven’t seen a pass defense this bad in Detroit since 2008. Granted, the league was much different a decade ago, but their stats back then were actually slightly better: 110.9 passer rating , 8.8 yards per attempt and 68.4 completion percentage.Pass rushers and defensive backs need to be a high priority for this team next year.Your turn.Tweets from open thread: Which Lions player is having the best preseason? It’s been a rough preseason for any Detroit Lions fans. Entering the preseason with the optimism from a second straight winning season, a brand new head coach, and a few exciting draft picks, it was easy to be optimistic about this 2018 team. However, the past three games have tested the limits of that faith and has led to a pretty significant increase in concern across Detroit. So let’s try to focus on the positive for a day. There have been some individuals who have stuck out this preseason, some surprising, others expected. So today’s Question of the Day is:Which Detroit Lions player is having the best preseason thus far?My answer: I’ll go with one on offense, one on defense. Offensively, wide receiver Brandon Powell has been extremely impressive. Towards the end of training camp Matt Prater Jersey , Powell started to stick out as a pretty solid special teams returner. He proved he wasn’t just a practice phenom this preseason by looking like a legitimate option there. He has the most punt returns yards of anyone in the preseason—thanks to his 80-yard touchdown—and he’s also in the top 20 in kick return average (26.0).And I haven’t even mentioned his offensive prowess, where he leads the league with 15 receptions. Granted, he has only turned those 15 catches into 99 yards, but what exactly is he supposed to do about that? Jake Rudock and Matt Cassel have been allergic to throwing the ball downfield this preseason, and Powell has done a pretty good job getting the most out of each reception.Powell has made it a tough decision for the Lions, and while I still think they carry just four receivers on the roster, leaving Powell as the odd man out, the rookie receiver has done enough to make the Lions seriously consider him. Defensively, I have to give it up to Ricky Jean Francois. Considering he bounced around teams last year Nevin Lawson Jersey , I thought when the Lions signed Francois, it was mostly to a mentorship role. I figured he’d be a big help on the practice field and the locker room to get this team up to date on Matt Patricia defensive scheme. While he has undoubtedly taken that role with the team thus far, he has also put his money where his mouth is. He has been one of just a few players who has created pressure from the interior and has been a solid run-stuffer. When he finally played an entire half last week, he impressed with six total tackles, the second highest on the team. It’s pretty amazing that Francois came in just before camp and took a starting role after just a week or two of practice. While that’s equally disappointing for a guy like A’Shawn Robinson, the fact is Francois has already been one of the Lions’ most important offseason signings and the regular season hasn’t even started yet.Your turn.Tweets from

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