Because it's got a 2x auto attack plus a snapshot esque

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These are strats regarding fastest single legio gets rid of. Don't do this kind of for normal legio grinding as it requires plenty of setup. Thus, you’re far better off using Noble crossbow darkbow. Because its damage is way better and its simply like 200k more to produce and its adrenaline that’s far better off used elsewhere especially using a t75 shieldbow

Last but not least, it is an integral drop. The rates of dropped things are runescape 07 gold metrics. This definitely needs to have been 5sec nevertheless the timer shows 6sec regrettably. If you are intending to do here to be able to kill it thus fast, just utilize bow.

Because it's got a 2x auto attack plus a snapshot esque special attack plus more dmg allowing regarding 4x 7. 5k visits in essentially 1 break. The reason why can you do the spike is that Legios simply take full injury when close. Thus, the distance may be reduced to help save time.

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Both games undoubtedly offer solid game play nevertheless
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