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However vans old skool negras baratas , the capital city of Pyongyang is in a festive mood.

Party flags and national flags are flying at street corners. On the walls of party and government buildings, restaurants and residential blocks hang banners that read "Long live the benevolent politics of our party" and "Unite as one to celebrate Oct. 10."

Mansudae Square, where stand grand bronze statues of former leaders, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, is the most crowded place where people from all circles of life come to offer bouquets and flower baskets in a tribute to their leaders.

A few foreign tourists were seen lay flowers before the monument.

Large flower baskets had to go through security checks before they were allowed to be presented, eyewitnesses noticed.

Several newly wedded couples dressed in Korean costumes took photos with smiles in front of the leaders' statues.

People were seen walk with flowers in hand in the city vans old skool negras , possibly on their way to pay respect to their deceased leaders.

Oct. 10 is a public holiday in the DPRK. Pyongyang residents are using the holiday to shop or engage in sports. Some are simply enjoying the day in rest.

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It's so tempting to take the easy road sometimes.

It's even easier to just put something off altogether and say, "next time". We procrastinate by saying, "I'll make twice as many tomorrow", or "I'll do it with twice the effort next time." And what happens? Tomorrow and next time come, and we put it off yet again.

Having an accountability partner on your success team plays a powerful role in helping you keep your eye on the "bigger" picture and your head in the game.

Going it alone may be considered admirable by some who feel the need to declare vans old skool piel blancas , "I did it all by myself!" as though it were the ultimate demonstration of strength of character, however, it is by no means the best or quickest way to make your dream come true.

Choosing to build your business or pursue any significant goal without an accountability partner will increase your chances of failure or may severely impede your progress.

It's human nature to back off when things get a little uncomfortable or challenging, and it's at these times more than ever, you need someone in your corner, edging you on and pushing you further.

A perfect example of the power of accountability was demonstrated this morning as I contemplated my workout appointment at the gym.

I have worked out off and on for years and as soon as I felt discomfort in my muscles vans old skool cuero baratas , I would quit, thinking it just wasn't worth the pain. If the planets weren't in alignment, my morning toast was slightly burned, or it was one degree hotter or colder outside than I cared for, it was a good excuse for me not to exercise.

I won't beat around the bush when it comes to admitting I don't like exercise, but at the same time vans old skool baratas españa , there is absolutely no denying its importance in maintaining a high quality of life and optimum health.

When you're not physically healthy, your energy levels are compromised, your mind doesn't function at optimum efficiency, your moods may be altered and heavy, and an imbalance may be created that will affect all areas of your life and business.

When one area of your life suffers, they all do vans old skool españa , and if an area requiring attention is a major challenge for you, this is where the need for accountability is paramount.

In my case of physical fitness, I knew I would never stick to a program or hold myself to a certain standard without a partner to hold me accountable, so I hired a personal trainer.

I explained to her that I hated exercise and if a magic "fitness" pill was invented, I'd be the first in line to buy it. I also asked her if she could do the workouts for me so I could increase muscle tone through osmosis. (I think it was at that point she realized she had her work cut out for her.)

Because of my trainer's courage in taking me on, and her belief in and dedication to my success vans old skool baratas , I will move heaven and earth to make her proud. Today I amazed not only her, but myself.

Over the past three weeks, we've received more than 100 cm of snow. Last night we received another major dumping that was formed into high drifts by powerful winds from the north. It was one of our coldest mornings this winter at almost minus 40 degrees with the wind chill.


This morning was the big test. There was no way my trainer could be disappointed in me if I didn't show. I had a foot of snow in my driveway, the winds were raging outside and it was the coldest morning of the year. My snowplow guy was swamped clearing driveways and I probably wouldn't see him for hours. I had an out!

Now, I easily could have crawled back into bed and put off exercising for a day, but it isn't so easy anymore. Someone else is now holding me accountable and isn't going to let me fall back into my comfort zone.

What did I do?

I put on my snowmobile suit vans slip on negras , warm knit hat, skidoo mitts and ski goggles, and got shoveling! It took almost an hour and thankfully my dearly beloved came home from night shift and helped me finish, but I cleared a path so I wouldn't miss that workout!

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