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PARIS, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) -- A BVA-Salesforce poll released on Wednesday predicted former French prime minister Manuel Valls to fail to snatch his place in the presidential race after being beaten on Jan. 29 by either of his challengers, both ex-ministers in his government three years ago.

Valls, 54, is seen collecting 48 percent of vote whether against Arnaund Montebourg, ex-economy minister or Benoit Hamon, former education minister, both expected to garner 52 percent of the vote in the primary's second round.

In the first round scheduled next Sunday, 34 percent of 10,000 respondents said supporting Valls. But, he lost 10 points compared to a November survey, according to the pollster.

Valls, an advocate of pro-business ideas, has been the polls' favourite to win left ticket and challenge the conservative candidate Francois Fillon and Marine Le Pen, head of far-right National Front (FN) in 2017 presidential election.

However, he was losing momentum after two televised debates that offer a boost to Montebourg days ahead the two-round competition.

In a further upset for the Spanish born ex-premier, a youth on Tuesday caught him a light slap in the face before being seized by security guards during a campaign tour northern France.

"I'm the one targeted in this campaign, of course, because I was responsible, because I had to make tough decisions when I was interior minister and prime minister," Valls told France inter radio.

"I'm targeted because I am the one who can win. So, I will not be impressed and I will continue my campaign to win, to make the Left win," he added.

In a last chance to defend their credentials, the seven contenders vying for the Left nomination will meet for a final debate on Thursday.

Handicapped by a record low popularity of Socialist president Francois Hollande, the winner of primary elections has a little chance of making it to the run-off round of the presidential election, according to pollsters.

TEHRAN, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Iranian reformists would support President Hassan Rouhani in the upcoming presidential election, Mohammad Reza Aref, head of the Hope parliamentary group, said on Tuesday, according to local newspaper Tehran Times.

The policy-making council of the reformist movement would support Rouhani provided that he expresses his readiness to run again for the presidential post, said Aref, who is a prominent reformist lawmaker.

Rouhani was elected as Iranian president in 2013. The next presidential election is slated for May 2017.

The most important challenge to Rouhani is pushing for voter turnout, Aref said, emphasizing that efforts should be made for a huge turnout in the upcoming election.

"We give good grades to the current administration's performance," he added.

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