Players in FIFA Mobile are Not Limited by Physical Bodies

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Produce daily goals and schedules. You don't have to play FUT Mobile 24/7 to get the highest OVR team you could. My daily schedule is to wake up in the morning and briefly check my phone, do a scouting event very quickly, eat breakfast and wait for daily reset 11:00 AM for me, complete every event I can, then when there's nothing else to do I start grinding ads for stamina. If I have a busy day ahead of me, I will cram in as many campaigns to complete. Then I return every 4 hours to do scouting/any other event.

Also, packed an untradable elite? Don't let him rot in reserves, play him OOP if it means saving up coins for that position. For example you packed a rashford LW then play whichever out of him and Ronaldo will be higher ovr with boosts at LW and the other at LCM/LB if their ovr is better than current player. Since the revamped TOTW it's easy to get good players for positions you need for free, although it's advised to save up enough to get a potm point but if a certain player will get you easily through next one month them go buy him and you can always save up for one week more for totw as the points carry over.

In this season, you may train your favorite players to increase their OVR, as well as their attributes through the use of special skill boosts, or by burning unused player cards. Through intense training, you may elevate any card to superstar status, which will definitely come in handy for granting you additional attack opportunities in Attack Mode. The great thing about this game is that it allows to create your team of personal favorite players and train them to become the very best in the world. Unlike real life, the players in FIFA Mobile are not limited by their physical bodies; their stats are just numbers that can be pumped up to the max. Want to beat Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo with a ragtag team of literal nobodies just for laughs? This game lets you do that. Buy cheap FIFA Mobile Coins from,we promise 100% safety and fast delivery.

The FIFA Ultimate Team 'Team of the Week (TOTW)' is a weekly squad of 23 in-form FUT cards who all have boosted stats compared to their normal 'standard' Ultimate Team cards. These stat increases are made by EA Sports to reflect footballers superior performances in the real world in the past week. For example, if France and Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba bangs in a hat-trick, chances are, he'll get a TOTW card with improved shooting stats. And this is for all leagues, across the whole world. Not just the main leagues in England, Spain, Italy or France.

Each Team of the Week is available to play in the game all season long, but if you want to get the FUT cards for yourself, your options are more limited. Paul Pogba and James Rodriguez will have 90-rated cards available on FIFA 19's Ultimate Team mode following the release of the latest round of upgrades.

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