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When it comes to water and gas pipelines for mining operations Cheap Oakland Athletics Jersey , polyethylene (PE) is seen as the best choice. PE pipeline is widely used in the gas mining service to distribute natural gas to distant areas.
Because of the many positive qualities that PE pipes possess, they are deemed as the superior choice when it comes to gas and water distribution. Compared with a number of other materials for pipelines, PE yields better results when subjected to different stresses that usually occur in mining operations.
Polyethylene Qualities
Polyethylene is ideal for use in gas and water pipelines because of its many good attributes. First, PE performs very well under continuous high pressure. Water and gas pipelines are expected to be subjected to long-term high pressure, so the material that should be used must be able to withstand the stress. The pressure could be coming from strong surges as gas and water are moved through the pipes.
Unlike metal pipes Cheap New York Yankees Jersey , PE pipes are not subject to rusting, so there is no more extra need to protect the pipes from corrosion action, such as the case with metal pipes. Being unaffected by corrosion, PE pipes are not likely to cause contamination as would corroding metal pipes.
Being often laid underground, gas and water pipelines must be able to withstand the pressure coming from the soil above. Underground pipes suffer from internal collapse when the buckling resistance is lower than the load to which the pipes are being subjected.
PE is considered to be strong enough to receive the load that is laid on top of it. However Cheap New York Mets Jersey , adding lateral support to the pipes can make them stronger to resist inward collapse due to heavy load.
When laid out above ground, polyethylene performs well as it is highly resistant to the damage that the sun’s heat can cause to exposed pipes.
Another top benefit of polyethylene as material for pipeline systems is its cost. Polyethylene is less expensive than other pipeline materials. PE pipeline installation also costs less than if other pipeline materials are considered.
Reay Services Group, which specialises in PE pipeline construction for gas and water distribution, provides clients with the better alternative to sound operation while realising cost efficiency. The company recommends the use of polyethylene in every gas and water pipeline installation, having seen the positive results from the use of PE in mining operations.
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From time to time, extreme child abuse cases are exposed which challenge commonly held attitudes toward discipline. It is sad to read such news stories, but even sadder, they are just a tip of the iceberg. In China, where it is still common to beat children to ""educate"" them Cheap Milwaukee Brewers Jersey , too many cases of child abuse have gone unnoticed just because they are not so extreme.

A girl tries to hide behind a wall. Photo: CFP

Around this year's Tomb-Sweeping Day, an April national holiday in which people show respect to their ancestors, an 11-year-old girl named Wenwen (pseudonym) was killed by her father after he beat her for two hours.

As the teachers at her school in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province later revealed, they knew Wenwen was suffering from abuse and had criticized her father. He told them he beat his child to ""educate"" her because she ""liked lying"" and he didn't think she worked hard enough.

This tragedy occurred not long after Li Zhengqin Cheap Miami Marlins Jersey , a mother in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu Province, who was jailed for half a year for beating her adopted son to ""educate"" him, was released and made headlines across China. Li was arrested after photos showing the boy's bruises and scars were exposed online, which Li said were inflicted after the boy lied about his school work.

These types of news stories Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jersey , though extreme, are sadly common. Some have even labeled them ""Chinese-style child abuse"" to stress how normal they are among Chinese families to ""teach"" them by beating them.

According to the Beijing Children's Legal Aid and Research Center, there were 697 reported child abuse cases from 2008 to 2013, 359 of which involved the death of a child, many of which involve long-term abuse and are particularly extreme. The details of these cases are shocking in their violence Cheap Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Jersey , including fatal beatings, children being scalded with hot water or having cigarettes stubbed out on their skin.

Tong Lihua, lawyer and director of the center, pointed out that these cases are just the tip of the iceberg as the vast majority of less extreme cases are never discovered.

""The entire society should reach a consensus that hurting children, even one's own children Cheap Kansas City Royals Jersey , are illegal,"" Tong told the Global Times.

The wounds Li Zhengqin inflicted on her adopted son. Photo: Yangtze Evening News
An open secret

When Li Zhengqin was arrested half a year ago, some showed surprise that beating one's own child constitutes a crime. In China, beating children is just considered normal.

Lu, a 32-year-old from Yunnan Province Cheap Houston Astros Jersey , told the Global Times that most men he knows were beaten when they were boys.

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