The teacher, like a hard

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The teacher, like a hard gardener, has nurtured our young saplings; the teacher, like a candle Marlboro Gold 100 Cigarettes, burns herself and illuminates others; the teacher is like...ave a good teacher. She is our math teacher in the third grade - Teacher Hu. She is of medium build and full of vitality, like a slim little tree in the spring morning. Her hair is tilted down like a black waterfall, soft and feminine, with a simple and natural charm. Her kind and intimate eyes are as crystal clear as the stars in the summer night sky, and as clear as the streams in the autumn stream.her Hu��s class attracted us like a magnet. We talked about math classes, and we all love to listen. However, she has a heart of selfless dedication, and she has dedicated all her love to us unselfishly. I remember that it was a day near the final exam. Teacher Hu was giving us a class. A female teacher suddenly came out of the classroom Cheap Wholesale Newport 100. She hurriedly shouted: "Mr. Hu! Teacher Hu!" Teacher Hu walked to the door of the classroom, the female teacher. In the ear of Hu��s teacher, he said a few words and hurried away. Teacher Hu listened to his face pale and his body shook a little, but she quickly calmed down and continued to give us lectures. At this time, the classroom was very quiet Wholesale Carton Cigarettes, only Hu��s kind and gentle voice echoed in the classroom. After class, we talked about it. What happened to Mr. Hu��s family? In the afternoon, we heard that Mr. Hu��s child was sick, and he always cried and didn��t want to eat. Hu��s husband hugged the child and went straight to the hospital Buy Newports Bulk. Check that the original child had acute pneumonia and must be hospitalized.ext day, I think Teacher Hu will not come. I didn't expect to see Teacher Hu as soon as I entered the school gate. Her eye sockets were deeply depressed Free Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes, and her face seemed to be a lot thinner. Obviously, Mr. Hu did not sleep well all night and had been taking care of the sick baby, but she The face has always been smiling, and it looks very spiritual. We all advised Hu to take care of the sick child, but she said nothing, saying that we can't leave us alone. In this way, for half a month, Mr. Hu has been rushing between the school and the hospital. She has never been asked for a class leave, nor has she been late. In the final exam, our classmates all achieved good results, but Hu was thinner. class, Teacher Hu often used her dark and bright voice to kick the shuttlecock with us, jump rope, talk about singers, and smash new things... Of course, when we encountered difficulties in learning, Hur Hu, you follow the guidance of the temptation, like the spring rain, and moisturize the hearts of every student. Teacher Hu, you will always be our intimate sister, you will always be our good teacher.

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