between "market economy status" and the expiry of WTO provisions concerning China, which, unf

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Imagine Todd Frazier Jersey , for a moment, being able to look into a crystal ball and determine, with relative accuracy, the likelihood of whether your chiropractic marketing and practice are going to dominate your geographic area and niche or fall prey to competition. I'm sure you'd agree, that would be a pretty valuable chiropractic marketing crystal ball. Well, even though no such ball exists, we do have a set of simple, yet rarely understood chiropractic marketing tools, that give us a similar level of foresight into your practice's future.

Two of your key chiropractic marketing metrics, used in combination, are an incredible indication of how well your practice is going to do in the future, how competitive you can really be in your marketplace, and what you can expect out of your practice in terms of financial growth. Once you understand these two chiropractic marketing metrics, how they work together, and what actions you can take to impact them, growing a dominating chiropractic practice begins relatively simple.

What are the two chiropractic marketing metrics I'm referring too? I'm glad you asked. When combined, your cost to acquire a new patient and the lifetime value of the average active patient tell us almost everything we need to know about your chiropractic practice. Before I explain why, let's lay out some simple definitions of these two critical numbers.

The cost to acquire a new patient is the average dollar amount you invest to get one new patient. For instance, if you invest $2,000 on chiropractic marketing in a single month and end the month with 10 new patients, your cost of acquisition is $200 per new patient. Your lifetime patient value, arguably the most important number in any chiropractic practice, is the average dollar value of an average patient over the life of their care with you.

To calculate this metric for a given period of time, simply take the total amount of revenue your practice generated during the time period and divide it by the total number of patients you had from the beginning of the time period. The number you end up with is what's known as the lifetime value of a patient.

The chiropractor who calculates and reviews these two chiropractic marketing metrics on a regular basis has already given themselves an advantage over other chiropractors, even if nothing else changes. Why? Well, for one, when used together, these metrics tell us exactly how well your chiropractic marketing dollars are working. Without knowing and understanding these two chiropractic marketing metrics a chiropractor has no way of knowing whether they should be spending less or more to acquire a new patient.

For instance, is a cost of $500 to acquire a single new patient good or bad? Well, it all depends. If the average patient is worth $700 to your practice (avg. lifetime patient value), $500 acquisition cost isn't very good. However, if the average patient is worth $3,000, $500 acquisition cost is great. In fact, if your average patient is worth $3,000, you should be willing to spend $500 to acquire a new patient as often as possible. However, if a patient is worth just $500, looking into the future - you could see how you would quickly go cash-flow negative continuing with those kind of acquisition costs. Hence, our crystal ball reference.

But, believe it or not, that's not even what makes this combination of chiropractic marketing metrics worthy of being referenced as the two most important numbers in your practice. What does? It's simple. The doctor who has the lowest acquisition costs with the highest lifetime patient value is the one who has the greatest competitive advantage. With a focus on impacting these two chiropractic marketing numbers, you not only can predict your practice future, you can control it.
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by Liang Linlin, Zhao Xiaona

BRUSSELS, July 20 (Xinhua) -- The European Commission said on Wednesday it will consider abolishing a discriminatory list of "non-market economies" which includes China and set up a "country-neutral" method for future anti-dumping and anti-subsidy cases.

However, much remains vague concerning the bloc's future anti-dumping actions, especially its treatment of China, which ranks as the European Union's second largest trading partner.

Presently, the EU has sorted countries into two lists - as market economies and non-market economies - and treated each with different anti-dumping calculation methods.

The EU often labels goods from China, which is on the "non-market economies" list, as being dumping based on the "surrogate system" which is due to expire on December 11 according to China's accession agreement to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The commission's move on Wednesday is viewed as a strategy to cut the link between "market economy status" and the expiry of WTO provisions concerning China, which, unfortunately, have been deeply mixed up and for a long time provoked debates both in Europe and China.

Chinese leaders have made it clear that Beijing wants WTO members to respect their international legal obligations which is a separate issue from the arguments of its "market economy status."

If the EU, as the WTO protocols provide, stops comparing the prices of Chinese imports with that of a third country, or a surrogate country, but to apply Chinese domestic prices as a basis to conclude whether China dumps its products, it would be a true commitment to international obligations for the bloc and be favorably to . Cheap T-shirts Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap Sports Jerseys China Cheap Shirts Cheap NCAA Jerseys China Cheap Hoddies Cheap NHL Shirts Cheap NFL T-shirts Cheap Baseball T-shirts Cheap T-shirts China

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