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BEIJING Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Wholesale , Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- China's campaign against extravagance and undesirable work styles among officials has seen about 262,600 officials punished in the past five years, the discipline inspection agency said Monday.

As of October, discipline inspection agencies nationwide had investigated about 193,200 cases involving violation of the Party frugality code issued on Dec. 4, 2012, according to a Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) statement.

Twenty-nine of the cases involved senior officials Jordan Zoom Tenacity 88 Wholesale , the statement said.

The campaign targets the practice of spending public funds on gifts, banquets and holidays. The number of such cases has reduced annually, the CCDI said.

From December 2012 to October 2017, about 45,500 cases were exposed, 68.6 percent of which occurred in 2013 and 2014 and 3.5 percent in 2017.

Officials were also investigated for hosting extravagant wedding ceremonies and funerals, and frequenting high-end night clubs.

Many leading officials were held accountable for failing to discipline their subordinates. From 2015 to August 2017 Jordan Trainer Wholesale , more than 18,240 officials were punished for such oversight.

The campaign benefited from the participation of citizens who supervised officials and sent tip-offs of misconduct through websites, mobile apps and WeChat accounts set up by discipline inspection agencies.

However, the agency said that the campaign still faced difficulties.

A number of officials are repeat offenders, while others have just more cunningly disguised their misconduct, the statement said. The practice of "formalism" and "bureaucratism" remain among the most severe.

The implementation of the code is vital for "whether or not the Party will alienate itself from the masses, govern the country for long and well fulfill its mission Jordan 32 Wholesale ," the statement said.

To advance the campaign, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee revised the guidelines for the implementation of the frugality code in mid-October.

BEIJING, June 7 (Xinhua) -- A battle for use of a basketballcourt, between a group of elderly dancers and young basketballplayers, has exposed loopholes in the urban management of Chinesecities.

The debate sparked when a video showing a group of elderlypeople quarreling with several young men went viral on the ChineseInternet. In the video, the senior citizens lashed out at the youngmen over use of the basketball court in a local park. The heatedargument soon broke into a physical fight.

Police confirmed the incident was in Luoyang city, centralChina's Henan Province.

"Some square-dancing elderly and a posse of basketball playershad a quarrel Jordan Trainer 2 Wholesale , which broke into a fight, over the use of thebasketball court on May 31," local police said. "They reconciledafter the incident."

The park later closed the court and provided another area forthe elderly group, but public debate flared nevertheless.

A number of Internet users defended the basketball players,saying that the elderly group crossed the line, not only byoccupying the basketball court but also hitting a young manphysically. Others showed sympathy for the dancers, saying a lackof areas for square dancing in Chinese cities was a majorissue.

China's population is aging Jordan Jumpman Pro Wholesale , with the Ministry of Civil Affairssaying that more than 220 million Chinese were over 60 by the endof 2016. The government predicts the country's elderly will accountfor about one-quarter of the population by 2030.

This highlights a rising need for rest and recreation programsamong senior citizens. In China, square dancing has become a majordaily activity among graying Chinese. But as the elderly bust theirmoves, a spate of conflicts has erupted across the nation

In 2014, after failing to reach reconciliation, residents in adistrict in eastern China's Zhejiang Province went toe-to-toe witha group of square dancers, by using loudspeakers worth 260,000 yuan(38 Jordan 31 Wholesale ,266 U.S. dollars) to blast out music day-and-night to drownthem with noise.

A similar incident happened in a district in Fujian Province in2016, causing police to be called.

In 2014, the historic Luxun Park in Shanghai reopened to thepublic after renovation, drawing a large number of elderly dancers.Rival exercise groups tried to snap up dancing squares, creatingchaos and fights in the park.


Annoying noise made by square dancers has created many clashes,but experts say insufficient public space and poor management inChinese cities were to blame.

Yang Hongshan, with the public management school of RenminUniversity Jordan Spizike Wholesale , said that public spaces in China were typically builtwith economic considerations, without catering to specific publicneeds.

"When public spaces fail to meet rising demand for rest andrecreation, problems are bound to occur," Yang said.

Liu Yaodong, with the public management department of HubeiUniversity of Technology, said that it was necessary forauthorities to make scientific planning for leisure activities whendeveloping cities.

"When designing public spaces, authorities should consider thestatus quo of urban recreational activities Jordan Son Of Mars Wholesale ," Liu said."Authorities should reserve enough space for the future developmentof recreational activities."

In September 2015, four central government bodies, including theMinistry of Culture, issued a joint circular, asking localgovernments to utilize existing public spaces to accommodate publicleisure activities. It also said that more public cultural venuesand stadiums should open free of charge and that square dancingshould be included in grassroots management systems.

But patchy enforcement has left the circular large to Tang Lihong, with the law school of FuzhouUniversity.

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