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Ever since Martial Arts originated in East Asia more than 2,000 years ago there are several different methods created and are now being practiced by numerous people all over the world. The popularity of martial arts significantly increased with introduction in the mainstream movie industry. Largely the perception of people regarding martial arts is shaped by movies starring martial arts movie legends like Wu Jing, Jet Li and Jackie Chan. All of the martial arts movie artists have made the talent of martial arts exciting to watch and it has encouraged many people to learn the craft. Let's discuss the charismatic martial arts movies stars having both made a mark throughout the world and influenced lives of many people with their immense contribution of greatest martial arts movies.

Jackie Chan is martial arts movie legend best known for his skills of martial arts, and acting in the comedy genre as well. His most admired movie is 'Drunken Master,' released in 1978. One of the best Jackie Chan movies that brought Jackie Chan to the worldwide attention is "The Big Brawl". Everyone loves the great Martial artist Jackie Chan who has bestowed us all with breathtaking action as well as comedy movies. Some of his must watch movies include "Project A" nike air max wholesale free shipping , "Police Story", "The Legend of Drunken Master", "Dragons Forever", "Armour of God", "Snake in the Eagle's shadow" cheap nike air max free shipping , "Supercop" and "Drunken Master".

Jet Li, one of the popular martial arts masters born in Beijing China in 1963; appeared in some of the best martial arts moviesof all time. Jet Li movies are much loved by people of all ages fond of martial arts. Jet Li debuted in "The Shaolin Temple" in 1982 as martial arts action hero. The martial arts hero appeared in over 25 films, for the most part in China and Hollywood. He evidently won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor for "Warlords" (2007).

Wu Jing born April 3 1974 is a Chinese martial artist, actor and director. Wu Jing movies are also very popular among martial art fans. Wu is best known as Hawkman in 1996 film Tai Chi Boxer and Kong Ko in 2006 film Fatal Contact.

As the popularity of these movies increased the technology has collaborated to provide viewers with stunning acrobatic feats and super action that almost doesn't stop from the opening scene to the ending.

At Best Martial Arts Movies, check out latest list of action packed martial arts movies cheap nike air max wholesale , reviews, trailers and coolest fight scenes and share your opinion on website's blog with your views about your favorite Movies, fight scenes and which style you like at

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