Disappointment manifests itself different ways in people. Some show th

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e devastation etched in every line of their face. Some rage and storm around and let it wholly consume them. Some laugh it off and act like they aren’t bothered by it. Darius Leonard just smiles. It would be foolish to mistake that smile for lightheartedness. Beneath that smile is a cold fury that burns through him https://www.coltsfanshop.com/Rigoberto-Sanchez-Jersey , and it isn’t all that hard to see. Leonard says all the right things. When asked if his Pro Bowl snub motivates him, he answers pretty simply that he’s been overlooked all his life. If you don’t pay attention, you might get the impression that he doesn’t care all that much. It’s a disappointment. We are focused on the next game. 1-0. Platitudes that you hear from every member of this Colts team. But if you look closely鈥 get a different feeling from watching him talk. You know that scene in films where someone is about to get double crossed, and they just don’t know it? Where a partner or trusted character is playing the part, saying the right words, but they’re just about to turn villain? That’s the look in Darius Leonard’s eye as he says the right things and smiles. Eric Ebron told the media earlier in the day that Leonard’s goal for Sunday is to have 40 tackles. What a ridiculous notion, right? 40 tackles in a game is not even possible. The media tells Darius so while they’re talking to him. That’s when you see the true Maniac show through. The smile melts away and his true face is revealed. The look says it all Marlon Mack Jersey , and what it says is that this is not a man who takes lightly being discounted. His response was crystal clear.“Impossible? There’s nothing impossible. We play a lot of snaps, just gotta get on every play.”Does the Pro Bowl really matter that much? We can argue that fact from every angle. There are clearly flaws in the way it is done. Guys who deserve to be in don’t make it and others who are less qualified get in. All that really matters is that Darius Leonard cares about it. Cares about it enough to be truly angry about being overlooked. When the dust settles on this season, Colts fans may be glad for this snub, because it may have just pushed the Maniac to a new level, and opposing offenses should be very afraid of what that looks like. The Indianapolis Colts (7-6) have crossed off one ‘must-win’ game in Week 14’s win over the Houston Texans, and now they have another against a very hot Dallas Cowboys (8-5) squad in Week 15.Today Matt Danely from the Colts Cast, and Stephen Holder from Horseshoes with Holder will join to discuss everything in relation to the upcoming matchup for the Colts Quenton Nelson Color Rush Jersey , the AFC playoff picture and how Frank Reich has gotten this team to one of the most dangerous teams in the hunt and built the mindset that has enveloped the roster in such a short time.The Colts playoff implications are massive with this home game, and with it being in Lucas Oil Stadium, the Colts appear to have quite the advantage in the scoring department. Frank Reich has a lot riding on this game, as well as the final 3 games of the season, and he’ll need to be at his best in order for the Colts to realize their postseason dreams.The Colts have a very good run defense, and will need every bit of it against Ezekiel Elliott, but the Colts running game will be facing the top run defense in the league as the Cowboys have only allowed 100 rushing yards five times this year.Additionally https://www.coltsfanshop.com/Andrew-Luck-Jersey , the Colts offense may have their biggest challenge to date as their running game has suffered lately and the Cowboys have forced 9 turnovers in their last 6 games. Stephen offers an explanation from Reich on the Colts use of the hurry-up offense, and why it works, but also why they can’t just use it all the time based on past success alone. Situational football matters and that’s why it works.Matt and Stephen also discuss the Colts tight end position, the defense’s front-7 — as well as how they have been used — and their success with the rotation, as well as why Matt Eberflus has put his best foot forward with a very young and talented group to make them a unit to watch going forward.Matt and Stephen discuss much more through the course of this hour of information.Please subscribe, rate and review the channel anywhere you listen to podcasts.Follow our hosts on Twitter: @MDanelySB | @HolderStephen | @chrisblystoneStampede Blue Podcast Links:Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Art 19 | SB Colts Cast YT Channel | Google | Spotify

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