The NFL season is winding down which means some

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players have contracts ending. Some players will get franchised or extended but others will be hitting the open market. We’ll take a look at each position and see if any hopeful players would be a good fit for the San Francisco 49ers. I almost wanted to not even bother with the quarterback free agents. The 49ers are set at the position. Jimmy Garoppolo is the starter once he returns from a knee injury and the winner of the Nick Mullens/C.J. Beathard backup competition will be right behind him. If the 49ers were to take a third quarterback Jaquiski Tartt jersey , it wouldn’t be a free agent, rather I’d see them getting someone off the practice squad. If the 49ers go to free agency, they may be stuck playing roster musical chairs with the acquisition like they did with Tom Savage. They could go back to Jack Heneghan, who they brought to training camp and cut as they made their way to the 53-man roster, or they could go with a new UDFA entirely. The crop of free agent quarterbacks is (obviously) small. Teddy Bridgewater is available, but either the New Orleans Saints are going to lock him up as the quarterback of the future, or he’ll go somewhere he can start. Matt Schaub could be a great backup to the 49ers; he played under Shanahan while both were with the Houston Texans and also was Matt Ryan’s backup during Shanahan’s time with the Atlanta Falcons. He knows the playbook well and could be useful. The thing to keep in mind on that is Schaub turns 38 in June, and there’s a reason he’s a backup—he got benched in Houston after his play suffered. How bad was it? He got in the record books with most consecutive games with a pick-six. Ryan Fitzpatrick is available as well. It is doubtful he returns to Tampa Bay after all that merry-go-round he shared with Jameis Winston. Whether he starts or not, he may want to get a change of scenary. Fitzpatrick had some great games. He also had some incredibly awful ones in 2018. And then on the other end of the spectrum is Brock Osweiler. If you really, really, REALLY want him as a 49er, you can petition the team to go sign him. Here’s your free agent quarterbacks per Over the Cap. Things could change with franchise tags and deals, but all of the below have contracts expiring.Would you be interested in any of these quarterbacks, any of them Authentic Alfred Morris jersey , coming to Santa Clara? Quarterbacks hitting free agency in 2019NameTeamAgeNameTeamAge Good morning folks, and a happy Monday to you. It was another very quiet day in the 49ers media, so all I’ve got for you today is a handful of prognostications and best case scenarios. Earl Thomas The all-world safety will turn 30 before the 2019 season and is coming off an injury-shortened seasoned (fractured leg). It’s hard to believe that he has more than a couple years left in him before age catches up, and he’s expressed a desire to play for the Cowboys. Should Richard Sherman be able to successfully recruit him here, and a reasonable contract (3 years, 30 million, 12 million signing bonus?) be agreed upon, he would certainly stabilize a shaky 49ers secondary that hasn’t been able to find a steady presence at safety. Furthermore, his presence could do wonders for Jaquiski Tartt, allowing him to play a true strong or moneybacker role, like Kam Chancellor was able to do so well in Seattle.TJ HockensonThe Iowa TE is a monster in the receiving game and a competent blocker, just like his predecessor George Kittle. The problem, however, is that he’s very unlikely to reach the 49ers second-round pick Youth Mike Person jersey , and I can’t envision a scenario in which the 49ers trade up into the back of the first round to take him. If they did, however, they would have one of the most devastating TE combos in recent memory, one that would likely make the patchwork WR corps look much better on the perimeters. Antonio BrownThis saga has taken some interesting twists and turns over the past month. Brown has expressed deep dissatisfaction with the Steelers organization, has openly displayed a desire to play for the 49ers, and is now being investigated by the NFL for a domestic disturbance. Once expected to have a first round pricetag in trade, most sports pundits now tend to agree that he’s worth a 3rd day pick at best. Would the Steelers be willing to risk another LeVeon Bell holdout, or would the 49ers sixth round pick suffice? Brown will turn 31 this season, and one must wonder if his salary will overshadow his ability as he gets up there in age.Kyler MurrayNow we know it’s the offseason. Kyler Murray had an incredible season that led to a Heisman trophy, and he’s been drafted highly in the MLB. There’s good reason to believe that if he wasn’t 5’9”, he’d be pushing for the first overall pick. Look, there are short QBs around the league. Seattle has one, New Orleans has one, and they do pretty well. Doug Flutie was 5’10” and had outstanding college and CFL careers. Sonny Jurgensen , Joe Theismann, and Michael Vick were all vertically challenged but successful as well. Kyler Murray, however, would be the shortest QB to play in the NFL in the last 50 years or so. Dalton Johnson of NBC Sports Bay Area hopes that a monstrous combine in which Murray puts his speed on display could push him to the top of the draft, thus increasing the value of the 49ers’ pick (or shot at Nick Bosa). I’ve tried to stay positive and keep the glass half full with a lot of these projections, but I just can’t see this one happening. Even if he does rip off the sub-4.4 40 that he’s rumored to possess, I can’t see him getting drafted in the top 30 or so. 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