Smart LED Bulbs Deliver Communication and Illumination

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Silicon Windows ZURICH, July 15, 2016 - Consumer-grade LED light bulbs can be enhanced with basic light-receiving electronics to enable the sensing of incoming signals from other light-emitting devices. The enhanced light bulbs are powerful enough to establish a communication link across several meters between light bulbs and LED-only systems that can be integrated into many devices.

green laser crystal The indoor visible light communication (VLC) system, called EnLighting, enables distributed and fully connected LED light bulbs to communicate through free space optics and may be a way to both light a room and provide a communications link.

LBO crystal The individual LEDs were able to alternate between sending modulated light signals and serving as receivers of signals, creating a network of bulbs that could send messages to each other and connect to devices while having no discernible effect on room lighting.

LiNbO3 crystal The bulb networks demonstrated the ability to support the low bandwidth applications typical of many devices. In the future, EnLighting may provide a practical way to connect the many devices, such as appliances, wearable devices, sensors, toys and utilities, that could comprise he internet of Things (IoT). EnLighting can support low-bandwidth communication services beyond the room via a gateway, providing the basis for applications such as a location-based service.

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