Follow a strict code of conduct, except for the crack does not follow any code of conduct.

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Over time the term or word or Cracker Hacking earned a negative reputation in society, has had discussions like hacking can be ethical or not, given the fact that unauthorized access to a system is a crime.

The same happens with the word Hacker, most people think and associated with a hacker with a criminal and what he likes to destroy and steal information systems, when in fact the person who commits crimes using a computer is called as Cracker and Hacker.

Definitions Hacking, Hacker, Cracker, Hacker Ethics and Hacktivism:

Hacking – is the rapid development of new programs (software) or reverse engineering of existing programs to make the code better and more efficient.

Hacker – is the person who enjoys learning the details of a computer system and narrow the capabilities.

Cracker – is the person who uses his hacking skills or skills for offensive purposes and or commit crime.

Ethical Hacker – are information security professionals who use their skills for defensive purposes (defense of the Crackers).

Hacktivism – Hacking into a system is a cause, hacktivist Hacker has a political agenda or social. Send mail to you via Hacking activities to gain visibility for their cause or for the same, their targets or objectives are government agencies or any entity that they perceive as bad or wrong. But the fact is that to gain unauthorized access to a system is a crime no matter what their intentions.

To be an ethical hacker or a cracker must have certain requirements:

Being pro-efficient in programming languages ??and have skills in Networking (networks).

Having knowledge on vulnerability research.

er a master in hacking techniques.

Follow a strict code of conduct, except for the crack does not follow any code of conduct.

Having a deep knowledge of major operating systems (Windows, Unix and Linux)
“You have to be very technically sophisticated in order to launch attacks . “

Hackers and Crackers are classified into 4 categories based upon their activities.

Black Hats (black hat) hackers or crackers are using their knowledge and skills in computers with malicious intent to commit illegal activities.

White Hats (white hat) are the hackers who use their knowledge and skills in Hacking for defensive purposes. They are almost always security analysts who have knowledge of hacking countermeasures. (Same as Ethical Hacker)

Hats Gray (gray hat) are the people who believe in full disclosure of information. They believe that people who have access to the information disclosed may use it at will. The Gray Hats are the ones in between the Black Hats and White Hats (“not too bad and not very good”).

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