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VENICE under armour rocket sale , Italy, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- Italian movie director Mario Martone presented successfully his movie in competition during the 71st Venice film Festival.

Mario Martone presents, during an interview with Xinhua, the different aspects of this challenging movie.

He commented ""I was terrified to bring this film to Venice and it was a huge risk. Then to film poetry in the best way I tried to be humble and ambitious under armour newell ridge sale , humble in looking at all the materials available then I asked to the actors to be like 'empty containers' willing to be filled in by all these materials without adding our personal interpretation.""

""On the other side it was very important the relation with the body, the poems, apart one, are never told by a voice off because I wanted the poems to be part of the action just like the movements of the characters so to be in the action under armour speedform slingride tri sale ,"" He continued.

During his career, Mario Martone presented his film L'amoremolesto during the Cannes Film Festival 1995 and in 2010 competed with his film Noicredevamo competed for at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.

The movie is centered on the passionate life of the famous Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837) played by the Italian talent Elio Germano. The powerful story Leopardi, who lived in a very cultivated but oppressive environment, is still actual while his ""freedom"" journey through Italy is a vivid and clear portrait of Italy during that time.

Talking about the historical period under armour speedform velociti sale , Martone said, ""This is the period when our country was born and it's a period which has been misunderstood and covered with a lot of dusty rhetoric. I wanted to give new life to these characters and to this period while showing how radical and revolutionary this period could be.""

Leopardi suffered a lot during his life but the Italian director presented also other aspects of his character.

""I think it was interesting to see on the one side his body who was slowly deteriorating and on the other side his mind who was becoming lighter and lighter and powerful,"" he said.

""He was a little bit like an Indian philosopher; there is a very strong relationship his thoughts and the oriental ones in the way he looks at nature, life and human existence under armour speedform apollo gr II sale ,"" he explained.

According to Martone, normally when you watch historical movies you need to understand a lot about the history and politics of the time, in this film he thinks that you don't need to have read any poetry or know anything about that specific period. You just need your soul, your heart and your mind.

About the trip around Italy under armour speedform eurapa sale , the Italian director recalls that ""the idea of the journey does not just belong to Leopardi, but more than the German author Goethe, I would say that Stendhal was a very meaningful figure.""

""Stendhal was very important for us both when we worked on NoiCredevamo and this new film. There was a general European look on Italy, as if Leopardi had done a little bit a chunk of this journey that many other Europeans were doing under armour threadborne slingflex sale ,"" said the director.

Concluding Martone remembers a ritual he is always doing.

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