Awards xp and adventitious at Osrs gold

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#2 Soul Obelisk - RC and Prayer xp. 20k rep limit. Does injury over time.

#3 City-limits quests - casual requirements to do (battle, skilling, accidental things). Awards xp and adventitious at Osrs gold menaphite allowance box.

So what overseas can we perform?

#1 Claret in baptize fountains. Players charge to utilize Divination or Constitution to abolition the baptize antecedent of claret corruption. Array of from the Biblical plagues, like the Corrupt Scarabs are

agnate to the locusts. These may arise in almost any antecedent in a district.

#2 Crumbling Infrastructure. A coffer or a bronze or allotment of a artery ... Menaphos is a massive city. And not all the distractions take to acquire damage. Here, players would charge to use Sandstone to

adjustment some allotment of the Rs gold city-limits that is al of a sudden assuming damage. This would accolade Construction XP and reputation.

#3 Rogue Wisp or baby tornado. A wisp (in the adjacent divination colony) or a thickly formed cyclone appears in the typical of a commune wreaking havoc. Gamers charge to use 1-2 skills to calm down it.

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