Hold down the dashboard button to buy Anthem Leveling

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The Interceptor is extremely portable, and complies in dealing close range damage with short-range gear skills and dual-knife melee strikes.

The Interceptor's fragility can make it a catchy course to Anthem Boosting master, and it will not help that the equipment descriptions in the Forge tend to be ambiguous about what the skills actually do, and at times they are only plain incorrect. Let us clear the fog with a few combo hints and notes on how best to utilize your Interceptor, according to about 25 hours we have spent with the game so far.Triple jump: Hold down the jump button on the very first leap to acquire a bigger jump. The second and next hop will probably always be the exact same height.

Dash: A thrust that is excellent for dodging strikes. Hold down the dashboard button to buy Anthem Leveling chain around 3 dashes. It's possible to alter direction between dashes triple, or to triple dash round a corner dash to strafe out of the means of enemy fire.

It is possible to use your triple-dash even if your Javelin is your staff is flight. Use this rate advantage to grab orbs, fetch Shaper artifact pieces while your buddies are grounded, and reestablish allies.

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