suction submersible sewage pump

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The energy-saving double-suction submersible sewage pump is a new type of pump product developed by the company according to the market demand for large-flow submersible sewage pump and high-lift submersible sewage pump. ROTARY LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMP FOR CHLORINE COMPRESSION

It fills the historical gap of this type of pump at the international and domestic levels. The pump completely solves the problem that the axial suction force of the single-suction submersible pump is large, and the mechanical seal is easy to leak in the case of a high lift. LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMP IN INDUSTRY FACTORY

The energy-saving double-suction submersible sewage pump adopts the side water supply of the common pump, and the flange mounting structure can be installed by mobile or fixed by rail. HIGH PRESSURE LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMP FOR OIL DRILLING

It is easy to install and maintain, and it is energy efficient, durable, anti-blocking, automatic installation and automatic control.1600.C CERAMIC SINTERING FURNACE

Due to the unique double-suction double-flow channel structure, in the actual operation of the large-flow submersible sewage pump, water is simultaneously introduced into the water from both ends of the pump impeller, and flows out in the middle. The water inlet of the pump is divided into upper and lower parts, and both of them draw water from the bottom, and the water absorption position is low. WATER RING VACUUM PUMP AND COMPRESSOR FOR VACUUM PACKING

Because the upper and lower ends absorb water at the same time, and one end of the isolation oil chamber of the pump and the motor is in the suction port position, the isolation oil chamber is always in a negative pressure state during operation, and the mechanical seal of the single suction structure is less likely to leak or be damaged due to the pump. The water is absorbed from both the upper and lower ends at the same time, so the motor has no axial pulling force, and the double-flow structure reduces the radial force, thereby prolonging the service life and achieving the functions of durability, stability and practicability. LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMP FOR GLASS REACTORS

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