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锘? More than fifteen percent of golfers experience problems with their knees Cheap NFL Jereys China , hips, or backs and this number is growing as Baby Boomers enter their golden years.Producers of golf playing aids are always providing advancements in assistive golf technology to meet the requirements of this growing section of the golf population.

Of the many assistive devices available to people with disabilities, the electric golf caddy or trolley is a favorite among both disabled and able-bodied players.Although the numerous cardio-vascular health benefits of walking the golf course are widely known, the four or five hour trek isnt easy an easy haul for everyone.

Even those who are able to make the walk with relative ease would rather focus their attention on their game than struggle with a 30 to 40 pound bag. This is where the many advantages of an electric golf cart or trolley make themselves apparent.In comparison to the other options available the electric golf caddy proves to be the perfect way to get around the golf course.

First there is the walking option which is not the primary choice for someone with back, knee or hip problems. The repetitive job of lifting the golf bag, carrying it from hole to hole and placing it down is stressful on the joints and back even for a person with no disability.In comparison our electric golf caddy or trolley which has two models makes transporting your golf equipment effortless.Our best model is remote control and the other is manual however, both feature high tech drive and braking technology.These caddys let you focus your attention on the game. Research proves that this additional focus when using an electric caddy improves a golfer's handicap.

Second is the option of a ride on golf cart is limited to where they can travel especially on courses where the carts are restricted to the paved pathways. These golf carts are also very damaging ecologically to the course.Golf carts you ride on do not provide any health benefits in comparison to walking. The electric golf caddy can go anywhere you do and has no negative environmental impact to the course.This enhanced mobility can also speed up play, since you can go directly from Point A to Point B without being restricted to a cart path.

Third, theres the option of using a traditional push or pull cart.While this option does allow the golfer to walk the course, it lacks the convenience and automated features of using an electric caddy.There is no bargain in the effort it takes to use these carts especially when traveling over hilly sections of the course.

Whether you select our remote control or manual control electric golf caddy Cheap NFL Jereys , both models provide benefits and characteristics that makes choosing either one a winning move.

Both of our electric golf caddies are constructed with sturdy, high tech, lightweight frames with strong bag support components.Both models come in silver, black or stainless steel finishes.

Both models are easy to set up. The manual control electric golf caddy sets up in one step with a fold design that has an adjustable height mechanism that locks.The remote control electric golf caddy features an easy two-step, one-click setup design.

Once the game day is over, preparing the electric caddy for transport is as easy as the setup. The easy fold design collpases the caddy into one piece to fit into any vehicle trunk with no need to remove the battery.Both of our electric golf caddies has a powerful long lasting battery which lasts for a minimum 27 holes on a full charge. (Battery and charger are included with your purchase.) If by chance your battery runs out of juice, both models can be pushed or pulled with ease.Battery charge indicators are featured on both models.

The manual electric golf caddy has a powerful noiseless motor, while the remote controlled electric golf caddy has two powerful independently controlled noisless motors.The remote controlled electric golf caddy has two powerful independantly controlled noiseless motors, while the manual one has a powerful noisless motor.

Both models allow you to set the pace by combining easy to use, seamless rheostat speed control with torque wheel control.

They also come with a cruise control button; if you press it after you stop , the caddy automatically goes back to your regular speed.

The remote control electric golf caddy has a wide-range remote control, features directional controls (forward, sideways, and reverse), a timed advance function, and emergency and soft coasting stop functions.It gives you full control up to 120 yards, and stops automatically if it does not receive commands from the remote control within 25 seconds.

Our electric caddies will never leave you high and dry on the course. Read our testimonials on our site.Both feature durable wheels that provide excellent traction and maneuverability. Both come with a scorecard holder, and a variety of other accessories are available.

Assistive golf aids like the electric golf caddy restore recreation and ability to the growing number of seniors and disabled golfers who might not otherwise be able to play the game due to physical discomfort and mobility challenges. The electric golf caddy is an assistive golf aid that can't be beat for convenience, comfort and especially value.
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