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With the loss against the Giants Nick Kwiatkoski Color Rush Jersey , Chicago fell to 8-4, which as all true Bears fans know is the tipping point for a season. There are those out there with their “probability” and “math” who say that the Bears have a 94% chance of making the playoffs, but true Chicago fans know the truth. It’s time for Nagy to throw in the towel. Just, honestly, he better not have Chase Daniel throw it. It’ll get picked off and run in for six. On one level, this result should not come as a surprise to any fans, given how horribly the season started off with the draft: That draft has provided the Bears with three starts (total) from more than half of its players: Joel Iyiegbuniwe, Bilal Nichols, Kylie Fitts, and Javon Wims. A draft that was led by the Roquan Smith is of course going to be a disappointment, when you consider that Cris Collinsworth’s snake oil flim flam analytics group Pro Football Focus has given Smith a poor grade for the season based on his performance to date: 62.6! Not even 63! And you know it’s science-y because it has a decimal place. You can’t logically argue with a decimal place.This is the same PFF that declared smith “the Perfect LB or today’s NFL’, so it’s obvious that he much have really messed up if they changed their mind already. That kind of inconsistency really has no other explanation.However, enough crying over spilled milk. The draft is over, and with only a starting inside linebacker, a starting interior lineman, and an emerging starter at wide receiver to show for it (besides a rotational piece on the defensive line and a special teams contributor, that is), the Bears have predictably struggled.They just let the Giants beat them! The Giants! That is not something a team heading to the playoffs allows to have happen.Look, someone is going to claim that the defense is first in DVOA through Football Outsiders’ last update (1st vs. the pass and 1st vs. the run), and top five in the following categories: opponent points per game, opponent points per play, and opponent touchdowns per game. That same person is going to ignore the evidence that the Bears allow a massive 7.1 yards per pass, good for only 11th place in the NFL! As everyone knows, the only statistics that matter are the ones that show the Bears are struggling, and it is possible to find statistics that place the Bears outside of the top ten in a few defensive categories. It’s sad, really Prince Amukamara Jersey , that fans still think this might be an elite unit. The Bears as a team only have 37 sacks at the moment, placing them in a tie for fifth place. How elite can a defense be if it doesn’t place in the top ten percent of this category? Worse, Khalil Mack only has 9 sacks, meaning that he’s not even in the top ten as a player right now. Nine sacks? The Bears gave up two first-rounders for the guy. He should have at least 18 sacks by now for what they gave up!It doesn’t even matter that the Bears lead the NFL with 21 total interceptions, because not enough of those have been returned for scores. Apologists might point to the idea that the Bears lead the NFL with interceptions returned for touchdowns (5), but that’s obviously not representative of the failings of certain individuals on the defense.Anyone who points out that the Bears have two players in the Top 5 in terms of interceptions (Kyle Fuller in second place with 6 and Eddie Jackson tied for fourth place with 4) is going to be conveniently forgetting all of the should-be interceptions those two players have failed to get. Kyle Fuller, especially, has way too many should-be interceptions to be forgiven just because he has made 6 of them. What true fans who rely on the eye test understand is that Kyle Fuller’s league-leading 18 defended passes should actually be counted against him, because they are evidence that he is not getting the job done. However, the defense’s inadequacies barely matter, because of Shouldergate. With news increasingly conflicted about Trubisky’s shoulder, and with the Bears unwilling to actually give Chicagoans access to the MRIs and a chance to interview Mitchell’s physical therapists, we can only conclude that the organization is hiding much worse damage that we feared. This could very well be a repeat of 2011, when Chicago was forced to rely on the services of its backup quarterback for the remainder of a season after a solid start under Jay Cutler.As strange as that last sentence was to type (“after a solid start under Jay Cutler”...huh), everything is now aligned for the Bears to fall to 8-8. They just have to lose to the Rams, a Packers team with nothing to lose, a San Francisco team starting its backup backup quarterback, and a Vikings team that they have beaten already. Game and season over. Obviously. Allow me to offer just the slightest break from our Bears fan business of gamely jousting with Eagles fans wherever they lay their head or show their hide.Instead, here is a story about George McCaskey giving Jerry Jones a public tongue-lashing in an owners meeting.I recently finished reading Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times, political reporter Mark Leibovich’s book on the NFL. Published in September, Leibovich’s book chronicles four years in the life of the league, starting chronologically in the summer of 2014 when Leibovich, a Pats fan, bagged an interview with Tom Brady (who answered Leibovich’s email query with subject line, “Tom Brady here”) and ending with the Eagles’ victory in Super Bowl LII.In between, Leibovich tells the story of the league through the eyes of the NFL’s power players https://www.thebearsfanshop.com/Adam-Shaheen-Jersey , including Brady (an institution if ever a modern NFL player was one) and commissioner Roger Goodell. The bulk of the perspective, though, comes from the NFL’s owners, whom Leibovich coins “The Membership.”The book is fascinating for its insider’s view on the owners of the 32 teams, with the New York Times reporter Leibovich not just interviewing but spending what might be called quality time with many of the Membership’s biggest names: Robert Kraft (Patriots), Arthur Blank (Falcons), Mark Davis (Raiders), Bob McNair (Texans), Woody Johnson (Jets), Daniel Snyder (Washington) and of course Jerry Jones (Cowboys).What do I mean by “quality time”? In the course of reporting this book, Leibovich:Receives a gift of organic eggs from chickens at Kraft’s mansionPasses out stone drunk on a Cowboys team bus following too much Johnnie Walker Blue with Jones, who then scampers off to a bar for some “SEE-gars”Hangs with Goodell on the field in Carolina prior to the 2015/16 NFC championship game as Goodell tries to show off the new NFL mobile app before growing frustrated that it doesn’t work (“Watch, now it’s going to screw up,” Goodell says while fiddling with his phone)Gets close enough to the Brady family that Brady’s father reveals his feelings on Brady’s diet: “Sometimes we’ll go to Tom and Gisele’s house for dinner. And then I’ll say afterward, ‘Where are we going for dinner?’”Leibovich also spends a ton of time writing about three owners (Davis, Stan Kroenke of the Rams, Dean Spanos of the Chargers) trying to move their respective teams to Los Angeles, the owners attempting to navigate the fallout from Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling and the intersection between his political reporting and his NFL reporting via in-depth campaign trail Trump interviews whose snippets make it back to the NFL side.The best of the sports-politics cross-reporting is an anecdote from before Super Bowl LI. Leibovich published a piece in the Times that recycled unused Trump quotes from his previous interviews with the now-president, including Trump saying that his friend Kraft had “choked ... like Romney” regarding Kraft’s decision to not appeal Brady’s Deflategate suspension. Reading the piece, a disheartened Kraft asked Leibovich: “Did he really compare me to Romney?”One ownership team barely visible in the book is the Bears, with one note-worthy exception. Virginia is briefly mentioned on page 27 of this 373-page book, used as an example of the older, family-based owners. And then there is nothing on the Bears owners until page 329, when George — the eighth of the now 10 McCaskey children and the team’s chairman since 2011 — makes his first and only appearance.Like I said, Leibovich got a ton of revealing material from Jerry Jones, and it’s easy to see both why Jones has such a high opinion of himself (his innovations both of and within AT&T Stadium are professional sports game-changers) and why owners might get tired of his often aimless braggadocio. For example Mitchell Trubisky Color Rush Jersey , in explaining to Leibovich why it’s important to have fun in your business, Jones takes a rather wide left turn into a brief story about masturbating in shoes while working as a shoe salesman. It’s all part of the endless yarn Jones seems to spin at all times and for all occasions — in an owners meeting in Irvine, Texas, in December of 2017, after Jones opined at length on the state of the league, Arthur Blank stood and said, “Jerry, you just spoke for about forty minutes, and I have no idea what you’re talking about.”And that is basically the harshest rebuke any of these owners gave Jones in the book, until McCaskey was pushed just a bit too far.In an owners meeting in October of 2017, Jones prepared to deliver his opinion on Goodell’s compensation and impending contract extension, which Jones wanted to curb. He prefaced his remarks by calling himself the “senior ranking owner” in the room, despite having only purchased the Cowboys in 1989, nearly seven full decades after the league’s birth.That didn’t sit well with the so-called “legacy owners” whose teams have been in their respective families for generations. The one person to voice that dissatisfaction was George McCaskey, who did so two months later at the Irvine meeting. Writes Leibovich:McCaskey is indeed collegial and mild-mannered, and as a result his personality can be tricky to parse out. He seems very well liked within the organization, as a philanthropic leader, supporter of one of my favorite organizations and dedicated photo bomber. I enjoyed, therefore, seeing this inside look at what draws his ire, and how he is carrying on the legacy of Papa Bear Halas, his grandfather.My only regret is that he won’t be able to photo bomb himself hoisting the Super Bowl trophy next month. C’est la vie. Bear Down.---Jack M Silverstein is Windy City Gridiron’s Bears historian, and author of “How The GOAT Was Built: 6 Life Lessons From the 1996 Chicago Bulls.” He is the proprietor of Chicago sports history Instagram “A Shot on Ehlo.” Say hey at @readjack.

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