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Shea Butter Benefits Health Articles | March 13 http://www.airmax97kaufenschweiz.com/ , 2012
Shea butter production is the major sustainable resource in Africa. The good thing about shea tree, or what is locally known as Karite tree, is that it grows in the wild uncultivated. Once a tree bears fruit, it will do so for many years.

Originally, Africans air max 97 kaufen , specifically those who are living in Central and Western parts, made use of shea butter in treating wounds. Shea butter, which refers to the pale solid fat substance that is obtained from the seeds of a shea tree, has biochemical effects that make it suitable for healing the skin. Shea butter can actually heal cracked and blemished skin. Aside from healing small wounds on the skin, shea butter is also very effective in treating skin rashes. Apart air max kaufen , shea butter can also address other skin problems like dermatitis, bites, burns and poison ivy irritation.聽聽聽聽聽
Further, the butter derived from the seed is rich in vitamin E which means that it has antioxidant properties. Shea butter then is very effective in fighting free radicals. It fights aging by increasing the microcirculation in our skin. Such a process increases the flow of blood from and to our skin. Free radicals permeate in our skin, leading to skin damages. Shea butter can actually help in reducing the damaging effects of excessive sun exposure air max 97 weiß schweiz , for instance. You may apply shea butter on sunburned areas to reduce peeling.
Shea butter also contains cinnamic acid which also aids in the healing process once it is combined with other substances in the butter. Cinnamic acid is also responsible in giving shea butter its aromatic, balsamic odor. Shea butter, however, gradually loses cinnamic acid as it ages thus healing benefits of ripened seeds of shea may not have as much healing benefits as those that are unripe. Nevertheless, the moisturizing benefit is retained. This is the reason why it can reduce stretch marks that a woman accumulates during pregnancy. Likewise air max 97 schwarz schweiz , its moisturizing effects make it increasingly popular among men who want silky, smooth shaving experience every time.
Recently, it was discovered that not all seeds of the shea tree has healing benefits more so when these are not prepared properly. Quality levels of each shea butter produce thereby differ. It is important to determine the age of the seed, if possible, to maximize the healing benefits of shea butter. Be aware also that shea butter loses potency and healing properties when it is combined with other ingredients. That is nike air max 97 schweiz , when it is already in butter form. Shea butter that is older than 2 years of being processed may also lose its effectiveness.聽
You have to buy and use shea butter products within 18 months after the date of extraction. There is a way to determine the freshness of shea butter products. For instance, premium shea butter has beige color and it tends to be softer and creamier when it is in solid form. It may turn to other colors as it ages including yellowish and grayish. Fresh shea butter also smells uniquely but this smell will disappear after about 10 minutes. As such, you have to look for the information about the extraction date. If the store permits, examine the shea butter that you are about to buy. Definitely, you have to do this if you want to buy only the highest quality shea butter which has the optimum healing potential.

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