Apex Legends teases Octane’s upcoming release

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We know the first season of Apex Legends is set to begin sometime this month but we are still waiting on an official release date. Now that we're over halfway through the month of March the window for it to release is getting smaller by the day. As fans hunger for information, some of them are taking the extra downtime by designing Legends they think could potentially fit into Apex Legends.

Daily Esports first reported on the bans players experienced by noticing a thread on Reddit where players found satisfaction in watching cheaters complain about getting banned. In a series of screenshots found throughout the post that were taken from unlinked forums known to be hubs for players trying to cheat in games, the images showed players saying that they’d taken several measures after being banned once in attempts to rejoin the game. Changing a MAC address and completely resetting a PC to its factory settings were just a few of the steps players tried, but to no avail. One player even said they’d been banned on two different accounts after presumably being hardware banned, and even heading into the game’s training area with a brand new account afterwards resulted in a ban within five minutes.

Cheaters are not uncommon in all online games, but they’re especially noticeable in free-to-play battle royale games. Although the permanent hardware bans will reduce the number of cheaters, Respawn will need to keep up the effort if they want Apex Legends to be free of cheaters. For now, we’ll keep laughing at cheaters who act surprised when they receive bans. By the way, you can buy cheap Apex Legends Coins from mmocs.com, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ MMOCSVIP ”.

Apex Legends Leaks & News found a file in the subtitles for Apex, with the words “tick” and “automated drone that seeks nearby targets and explodes.” The same file also contained hints toward the release of the L-Star and Havoc weapon. The Tick is an autonomous anti-personnel robotic weapon that first appeared in Titanfall 2 in single player and then later as a boost in multiplayer. The Tick can be unlocked by default and can be activated at 65 percent core meter.

Respawn devs have popped up on Reddit threads discussing the appearance of the item and responded with smirking, and thinking emojis. The Battle Pass was expected to roll out on March 12, and while it briefly appeared on Origin, right on time, it was quickly pulled from the store. The launch pads could indicated that the new Legend and the Battle Pass are on their way and will be arriving in the game very soon.

Technically all the roadmap said about the battle pass was “March,” and it seems that’s going to be “late March,” but I would be amazed if we did not see the pass arrive in the next two weeks. Probably this upcoming week, if I had to guess. Respawn is already teasing the arrival of a new character, Octane, by putting his bounce pad skill on the map, and everyone believes that when Octane arrives, so will the battle pass. I am wondering if they’d go so far as to put Octane inside the battle pass, which could be controversial, but that’s a conversation for when the thing actually arrives.

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